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Concerts, like other large events, hit the “pause” button in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, concerts slowly coming are back on! A concert is a great time to gather a group of friends and immerse yourself in music.

But, have you ever considered attending a concert by yourself? Maybe you’re a music-loving introvert and that sounds awesome to you. You could be an extrovert and the thought of going to an event alone sounds totally foreign. 

Going to a concert alone can be a great experience if you’re prepared. Skim through this list to learn how to rock a solo-concert experience! 

1. Decide What You Want From the Day

As you’re getting ready, think about what you want from the whole experience. Do you want to soak in the music without interruptions? Do you want to focus on socializing? 

If you’re in it for the music alone, then going to a concert alone is a perfect way to meet your goal. If you’re looking to socialize: wear a conversation-starting shirt, hang by the bar, and put yourself out there!  

2. Know the Concert Venue

Knowing the lay of the land will help settle any anxieties you have about going alone by removing some of the unknown from the equation. 

So, take time before you get there to check out the venue. You won’t have a co-pilot to navigate, so be sure you know where to park. That reduces your need to look at your phone while driving to the venue. 

3. Get Your Tickets Beforehand

Another way to settle yourself if you’re nervous about hitting up a concert alone is to buy concert tickets online before you go. That way you’re not worried about if you’ll get tickets to the concert or not. Buying tickets can be a stressful event and you want to remove as many potential stressors as possible. 

4. Be Prepared

Because you won’t have a wingman to rely on, you should be prepared. Double-check that you have your wallet, phone, and keys in a safe location (think front pocket, runner’s belt, fanny pack). Take note of where you parked and be sure to stay hydrated!    

5. Be Open to Adventure

Finally, be open to adventure. You’re flying solo and that means you have the freedom to go or do whatever you want!

Want to slowly edge your way to the front of the stage? Do it!

Meet a cool crew and want to ride with them for the day? The world is your oyster! 

Try Going to a Concert Alone 

Going to a concert on your own is a new experience. But, you may just find that it’s the experience you’ve been looking for! Keep these tips in mind, soak in the music, and have the time of your life! 

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