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Did you know over 120 million people visit Wisconsin each year? People are heading there in droves, whether it’s to see a sports game, try delicious cheese, enjoy the natural beauty, or visit family. The trickiest part about visiting a busy place is finding a good hotel to stay in. A hotel can make or break your vacation, so finding one that goes above and beyond your expectations is essential.

Continue reading to learn how you can narrow down the hotels in Wisconsin to find the best one for you and your family!

1. Pay Attention to Reviews

One of the most important things to consider when it comes time to book a hotel is its reputation.

It’s one thing to see glowing reviews on their website, but it’s another to find them elsewhere. Website reviews are handpicked and often showcase the best reviews they can find while leaving out any less favorable ones.

While they can be helpful, it’s better to look at the reviews on Google or various other travel websites to see what people honestly think. Some bad reviews are to be expected because no hotel is perfect.

If the majority of people enjoyed their stay, it’s safe to say you will too!

2. Consider the Amenities

Like any other hotels, Wisconsin hotels have varying amenities to offer their guests.

When you go away, you undoubtedly want to experience something different from what you’re used to. If the hotel is nothing more than a room with four walls and a bed, you should look and see what other options are available elsewhere.

Some amenities you might consider looking into are hot tubs, fireplaces, complimentary breakfast, game rooms, and unique views. Check out this place to see a great example of a Wisconsin hotel to book a summer vacation at that has all these amenities and more.

3. Carefully Inspect the Location

There are plenty of great areas in Wisconsin to stay in. But depending on what you’re visiting the area for, different places will be better than others.

If you’re going to catch a football game, staying near the stadium makes the most sense.

If checking out the beer and cheese scene is more your thing, staying close to an area with a lot of breweries would make more sense.

Sprawling views and peace and quiet are much more likely to be found if you stay in the country. So try to carefully consider your goals and desires for the trip and narrow down hotels by looking at a specific location.

4. The Fine Print

No matter where you visit, each hotel will have its own set of rules and policies.

For example, some will offer free cancellation up until the day before your scheduled stay, while others will charge the total cost even if you cancel the day after booking. If there’s a chance something will come up, and you’ll need to rearrange your dates, be sure to book somewhere with a flexible cancellation policy.

Some hotels also have quiet hours at specific times where you can actually be asked to leave if you don’t follow them. If you have noisy kids or tend to enjoy staying up late and spending time with friends, opting for a hotel with a looser quiet hour policy would be best.

You should consider plenty of other scenarios as you book the hotel, including if there are smoking vs. non-smoking rooms available, if pets are allowed, how many people can stay in one room, etc.

Reading the fine print is never fun, so if you’d like to avoid doing so, give the hotel a call and ask any questions you have. This is a great way to gauge their customer service, and you’ll feel better knowing what to expect when you arrive.

5. Look at the Price

The price of a hotel is impacted by everything mentioned before this point. If a hotel is in a prime location, it will be pricier than one in the middle of nowhere.

Similarly, if a hotel has a ton of amenities, you can expect to see a higher price tag than one with few or none at all.

You’ll need to take all of these aspects into consideration as you search for hotels. If you only pay attention to the price, you could be missing out on some fantastic options that are appropriately priced based on what you’ll get.

If your budget is tight, try selecting multiple different dates to see if the prices change. Sometimes prices skyrocket during certain times of the year or around special events.

So if your schedule is relatively flexible and you could change your dates, you might be able to get a nicer hotel at a better cost. But, overall, try to make your decision based on what the hotel offers rather than exactly what you’ll be paying, if possible.

Creating new memories and experiencing fun things is priceless!

Find the Best Hotels in Wisconsin

If you’re taking a trip to Wisconsin soon, finding the best hotels in Wisconsin should be the first step in your planning!

The five tips mentioned above will help you narrow down your options and keep all the essentials in mind when you choose somewhere to stay. If you follow the tips found here, you should end up with an incredible hotel and an amazing vacation.

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