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Over 40 million Americans enjoy camping outdoors every year. And it’s no wonder the numbers are that high; camping can be a lot of fun when done with people you like. 

However, you’ve got to be sure to prepare your camping nights in advance. There’s nothing more terrifying than finding yourself in the middle of nowhere, without a survival kit.

Here’s a quick camping supplies list to help you plan a similar adventure with your family and friends. 


Sleeping Bag

Yes, it’s a no-brainer, but we pride ourselves on being thorough. Make sure you have enough sleeping bags for yourselves. If necessary, also carry some inflatable air pillows for a more comfortable night. 

Even if you’re camping during the summer, it’s important to include a couple of spare sheets, in case the nights get cold.

Water Bottle

Even if you plan on camping next to some springs, a water bottle is mandatory on your list of camping supplies. You don’t want to find yourself lost without a drop of water to drink.

Remember, it’s better to be prepared for the worst.

Quick Snacks

Along with water, stock up on simple snacks you can carry with you on your trail. Additionally, you’re also going to need some supplies for your meals if you plan to cook them outdoors. 

Strong Tent

Is it even a camping trip, if you don’t have a strong tent to set up? Make sure you choose the right gear, to avoid any structural issues. 

First Aid Kit

Camping generally brings with it at least a few minor injuries. Whether it’s tiny bruises or small cuts, you want to be sure to have a first aid kit with you at all times.

The Right Clothing

Dress for the weather, but carry a couple of extra things in preparations. For example, even if the forecast is fine, you might want to ensure that you have a rain jacket at hand.


Make sure you have enough lanterns and torches for everyone. Always arm yourself with extra batteries, and make sure everything is fully charged before you leave.

Bug or Mosquito Spray

Bugs, fleas, and insects are inevitable on a camping trip. Unless you want to spend your nights scratching hard to reach itches in your sleeping bag, you should take some repellant along with you.


If you plan on holding a bonfire, you’re going to need matches or at the very least, a lighter. In fact, it might be better to carry both, just to be safe. 

Keep Your Camping Supplies List Short & Practical 

While you do want to prepare for the worst, you also need to pack light. It’s an awkward balance to maintain, but over time as you get accustomed to camping, you’re bound to figure it out. 

Every time you think of something you want to add to your camping supplies list, ask yourself if it’s practical and necessary. If the answer is yes, it goes on the list!

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