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In 2018, 5.1 million people visited the small paradise island of Key West. For many, simply booking a hotel is good enough for their visit. For others, they crave more and want to experience what life is like for the locals.

If you fall into the second group, then you should consider Key West rentals. These are beautiful homes that are available for rent to those looking to spend a few days in paradise.

Keep these five tips in mind when booking your vacation rental.

1. Location Is Key

While the island measures 7.21 square miles, choosing the right location for your vacation rental is key. You won’t want to book too far away from everything you want to do and see. Then you will have to figure out a car rental in Key West.

Parking can be extremely limited and tricky near Duval street, where the majority of attractions are. You can avoid all of this by booking a vacation home that’s within walking distance of Duval.

2. Timing Is Crucial

When you book your Key West vacation rental can completely change the type of experience you have. Hurricane season is real and lasts from June 1st through November 30th. Booking during this time is like rolling the dice.

You could luck out and have a great time. Or you could lose out, and a hurricane cancels your plans. Booking during shoulder season is a better option.

Doing this avoids the busiest time of year, November through March. Instead, aim for April through June, and you’ll enjoy great weather and the lowest prices.

3. Some Come With Amenities

There are a limited number of vacation Homes in Key West, and the competition is fierce for booking high-quality guests. Many rental homeowners like to sweeten the deal by adding amenities and desirable extras to their rental.

A common extra is to include bicycles for your use. This is a great option because it saves you money, not having to get them from one of the local Key West bike rentals. You can then skip the car and the terrible parking and ride the bikes instead.

4. Don’t Feed the Chicken

Key West is known for the wild chickens that roam the island. They are a fun sight to see and make for a great picture of your travels. However, you should not feed them.

If you get caught feeding the wild chickens, you could face fines that range from $250 to $500. It’s best to admire the chickens from a safe distance and let the chickens do their thing.

5. Expect to Pay

Because Key West is a small island, everything on it needs to be brought in from the mainland. The delivery trucks take the same lengthy bridges that you took to get to your vacation spot. This drives the cost of goods up.

Combine this with the fact that you are in a prime vacation spot, and you can expect prices to be high. Expect to pay more for your vacation rental, fuel, and food.

Browse and Book Key West Rentals

When you keep these tips in mind, you are sure to choose the best fit from the available Key West rentals. It will be close enough to action while still providing you with the peaceful island life feeling.

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