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The last year or two saw a monumental shift in how large and small businesses do business. Businesses with minimal or zero web presence suddenly wanted and needed an online tech presence. Of course, any transition that substantial comes with a lot of potential stumbling blocks.

For example, your sales process becomes a whole new animal. You need a sales funnel, lead generation, and lead management. Not only are those new processes for anyone who recently entered into eCommerce, but they can also prove time-consuming for you and your staff.

That is where sales automation can help you out. Not sure what sales automation entails? Keep reading for the things you need to know about it.

1. What is Sales Automation?

Every customer goes through a sales process that typically involves awareness, consideration, and finally a decision. They go through these steps along your sales pipeline. Sales automation helps you limit or eliminate the repetitive tasks and manual tasks that your sales team must do in that process.

In most cases, you use one or more pieces of software to achieve that automation. For example, you might use something like an email list management system to deliver coupons, a report, or a white paper. The email management system automates that part of the awareness step and lead generation process by sending the coupon or white paper for you.

2. How Do You Implement Sales Automation?

Sales automation isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. You can automate almost all of your sales process or part of your sales process. Many businesses find that automation in or two areas can relieve their primary pain points.

For other businesses, they’d rather get a software package that automates as many pieces of the process as possible and integrates with their existing CRM software.

Not sure about how to choose? You can head over here for some tips on picking the best sales automation software.

3. Benefits of Sales Automation

One of the key benefits of automation in your sales pipeline is that it frees up time for your and your employees. Every repetitive and manual task you eliminate is time they can spend closing sales.

Sales automation can also boost the number of sales you close by gently nudging potential customers along the funnel toward a final sale. Every “easy” sale the automation closes for you will pad the bottom line and leave your sales team free to work on those harder sales.

Sales Automation and Your Business

For business finding their feet with an online presence and online sales, sales automation can prove something of a game-changer. Instead of manually sending out emails to leads, your team spends their time talking with people who are near or at the decision point.

It can also generate sales from people who don’t need any meaningful convincing and are ready to buy now. That’s especially effective for those ready to buy outside regular business hours.

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