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There is so much to take in when you’re moving house; it’s utterly mind-boggling. It’s so overly complicated, and all of the terms and conditions that you have to take in and understand are simply too long. Not only this, but moving is also super stressful and problematic that half of the time, you’re left wondering whether it’s worth the effort—until you’ve settled down in your new home.

So, here is some of the information about moving house that you must know before putting your home on the market.

1. First of all, let’s talk about your home before going to a realtor

Before you even think about approaching a real estate agent to view your home, you need to figure put some essential points. It makes the whole process a lot easier for both you and the real estate agency if you come to them fully prepared to get your house on the market.

2. You can start by having all of your paperwork in order

Have every single bit of paperwork you will need organized in a folder, and back up all physical copies digitally if you can. This handy trick can help if there are any losses or any damages to your paperwork. It can also be very convenient if you need to find some information quickly, or if both parties (you and the realtor) need a copy.

3. Get your home ready for viewers immediately

By getting your home ready for viewers to look around immediately, you can find yourself going through most of the selling processes quite quickly. By taking the time to stage your home, you can make your spaces clutter-free.

It might feel like it’s a little soon to depersonalize your home, but this step is necessary for a fast and stress-free sale. You want the potential buyers to be concentrating on the house, not the photographs on the walls. It is essential to keep the space as clean and as neutral as possible.

4. Get your photos taken by a professional photographer

Having your photographs taken by a professional photographer can have excellent results, especially if you want a quick sale. It’s good to have about 30+ pictures ready to post, as the vast majority of homes are viewed online before a visit. Having these done already makes it easier for a real estate agent to see what they are dealing with.

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5. Choose whether you should sell through a real estate agent or by yourself

By choosing an estate agency, you’re looking at a well-trusted location where people turn to when buying a home. Selling by yourself can be a tricky alternative, but it might be cheaper. Despite this, you are missing out on a lot of experience and potential advertising.

6. Set a modest price, and work with the realtors, not against them

If you choose to work with real estate agents to sell your home, you are hiring their services for their experience, advice, and guidance. If they set a price or give you a quote that is lower than you expected, you need to remember that they will have set a realistic price.

It might be difficult to accept, as you may have thought that the price should be higher, but realtors will set the highest price that they possibly can. This can make all the difference and stop potential buyers laughing at you and walking away when a viewing is taking place.

7. Make sure your home is available to be viewed at any time

By allowing potential buyers to view your home when it is more convenient for them, you are more likely to get a sale in the timeframe you want. Making yourself available in the daytime, evenings, and weekends means that you can work to your potential buyers’ times, which might land you a sale faster, as more people will be able to view.

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8. Now, let’s move onto the actual moving process

Moving home is a tough time for any family. As you already know, you should depersonalize and declutter your home before any viewing starts. Doing this can already be a massive weight off your mind, as you now have fewer belongings to go through. Decluttering can help if you are selling your belongings on or even just packing them up for storage. But now, you need to go through them again to make sure that you’re going to have enough room, especially if you’re downsizing.

Here’s how you can take the stress out of this process:

9. Invest in extra storage space

This may also be convenient for decluttering when it comes to putting your home on the market. Using the extra space provided by a facility such as a MI-BOX Moving & Storage unit can help you keep your furniture or excess “necessary” clutter out of the way during viewings.

When using one of these, you can treat it as an extra room or a dumping ground for everything you might (or might not) need, and it will be right on your doorstep, so there’s no need to put up with whatever storage unit hub is closest.

Using one of these also means that you can transport whatever is in there to your new home, so you can use it after your move too, until you have everything sorted out.

10. Decide whether you’re keeping or selling your furniture.

If you are moving overseas or across states, you might feel it is easier to sell everything and re-buy when you get to your new home. This can be a good idea if you are downsizing, but it might be a little more expensive to buy everything again.

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A few final thoughts

To wrap everything up, here is what you need to do for a stress-free experience when moving house: make sure you prepare everything for the realtors, take their advice seriously, invest in getting jobs done professionally to make a quick and easy sale, invest in extra storage space when moving, and lastly, decide whether you’re keeping or selling everything before you make your move final.

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