There are around 5,000 colleges in the U.S.

It makes it difficult when figuring out what things to consider when choosing a college.

Students graduating from high school have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a college. They can choose a more affordable junior college or they can get the full college experience and attend a university.

If they have the grades and an outstanding college application, students can also attend IVY league schools like Harvard and Yale, which are known for their prestige.

The point is that there are a lot of various colleges to choose from. Some of them offer unique academic programs, whereas other colleges offer the best sports programs. What do choose?

Here’s a guide on how to choose a college that’s perfect for you.

Do You Want to Stay Near Home?

With so many colleges in the U.S., it’s hard to figure out if you should attend a college that is close to home or out of state.

This is something to consider because it can affect what kind of education you receive.

For example, if you attend a college that’s closer to home, you might be able to live at home with your parents and commute to school. This can help you save on the cost of living if you were to live in a dorm room.

Commuting to a nearby school can also help you improve your focus. If you are living at home and attending college, you may not be distracted by college life. You are serious about your academics because there are fewer distractions when you are living at home and attending college.

However, if you do decide to attend college away from home, living in a dorm and only visiting during college breaks, you might find more of the college experience. You might be able to participate in more programs.

If you are spending less time commuting and more time investing in college, you are more likely to be more involved. You can meet more students on campus and enjoy college life.

When you do decide on a college, you have to ultimately decide if you want to commute or live on campus

What’s Your Major?

Although you may change your major a few times during college, it’s still important that you choose a college based on your major.

For example, if you were to major in history, you should consider a college that offers a variety of history specialty majors, such as American history and European history.

Another example is majoring in agriculture. You should choose a college that not only has an agriculture program but is also one of the most recognized in the state.

The goal is to find a college that fits with your major. You want a college institution that is going to prepare you for a job and gives you a great opportunity to find a job after you graduate.

You should also consider colleges that offer scholarships in your major. See what financial aid and scholarships are available if you major in that college.

Lastly, you should see if a college prepares you for graduate school. For example, you might find that some universities are more prestigious. Graduating with a degree at a more prestigious college might give you a better opportunity to attend graduate school at another college.

Does the Size Matter?

Another factor to consider when you are choosing a college is the size of the college.

If you attend a college with 500 students, you might not experience the typical college life. But you might have closer-knit friends who you see around campus more. A smaller college might mean smaller class sizes so you receive more attention in your classes.

However, if you decide to attend a college with thousands of students, you might find that you blend in more. You’ll have more of an opportunity to meet more people and be involved in more programs.

It’s ultimately up to you what kind of college experience you want. You have to figure out what you want from a college in terms of programs.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are millions of student borrowers. They are in debt because they took out student loans. They needed to pay for classes, tuition, and the cost of living.

There’s no doubt about it that college is expensive, and it’s only becoming more expensive.

When you consider attending a college, you have to calculate how much it’s going to cost you. The amount of debt you have after college can drown you for years, especially if you choose a low-paying career.

For example, if you have $50,000 in college debt and become a teacher, it will be difficult to pay off because teachers are generally not paid a lot.

When you do your research on a college, figure out how much you are going take out in debt. This can help decide if it’s worth it to attend a particular college or attend somewhere cheaper.

You also have to look at what kind of career you will have after college and how soon you can pay off your debt. For example, you may accrue hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt when becoming a doctor, but being a doctor and earning a lot can help you pay it off in no time.

Are You Getting Scholarships and Financial Aid?

While you are considering the cost of college, you should also consider what kind of scholarships are available. You might also be available for some financial awards based on your ethnicity and your parent’s educational background.

It’s important that you do your research on scholarships because there are a lot of scholarships that people don’t apply for. People can sometimes assume that they won’t qualify for a particular scholarship.

However, you should do the opposite. You should invest your time in applying for hundreds of scholarships, if possible.

If you want to attend a private college and it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend there, your only hope might be with scholarships. You can either attend a private college or drown yourself in debt or save with scholarships.

This is also why some students choose to attend community college for a couple of years before transferring to a four-year university. They are saving while they attend community college because it’s often much cheaper than a four-year university.

What’s the Job Market Like After You Graduate?

One of the most important things to look at before you attend a college is if the college prepares you for a job.

You should consider asking the college if there’s something on their website that shows the job rate after students graduate from their college. Consider asking what kind of jobs students get after they graduate.

This can be very telling about a college. It can suggest that a lot of employers hire students from a particular college.

Take nursing for instance. If you earn that degree from a prestigious university, you might have more job offers than if you earned it at a college that few people have heard of.


The final thing you should consider if the college you’re thinking of attending is accredited.

An accredited college is recognized nationally for its education. That means employers recognize that college as a legitimate school that offers academic standards.

For example, you can find schools like Full Sail University, Sacramento State California, and other schools’ websites where the information is posted that says they are accredited.

You don’t want to attend a college that is not accredited and then when you look for a job the employers don’t see the validity of your degree. It can leave you jobless until you get an accredited degree.

Now You Know All the Things to Consider When Choosing a College

These are the best things to consider when choosing a college. With so many colleges available to you, it’s important that you do your research. You want to make sure that you choose a college that fits you. A college that is affordable, offers great programs, and prepares you for a job is something that you should consider.

Selecting a college isn’t easy. It can be extremely difficult if you don’t know what to look for. But with this guide, the decision can be a bit easier.

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