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Prom is a rite of passage for many teens that comes once a year. You and your friends spend time getting ready for the event and spend the rest of the night making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Before you start enjoying your prom night there are some things you need to check off your checklist for prom planning first. Get ready to have the time of your life after you get prom planning out of the way. 

Choose Your Outfit 

The first thing on our prom planning checklist is to choose what you’re going to wear. It’s best if you speak with your date about colors to ensure you choose something that compliments both of you and looks good in photos. 

The reason choosing your dress or tuxedo is at the top of the list is because you want to give your outfit enough time to arrive. It’s also to ensure you have enough time to send it off for alterations if necessary. 

Buy Prom Tickets 

The last thing you want to do is take all this time to prepare for prom and forget to purchase prom tickets. As soon as tickets go on sale at school, you’ve determined who you’re going with buy the tickets. 

After you’ve bought the tickets keep them in a safe spot like on your refrigerator, so you don’t lose them. 

Book Transporation 

The only way to get to prom is in a limo. You can find a limo service and have your parents book it for you. 

If you’re going with a group of friends everyone can pitch in to cover the cost of the limo and tip for the evening. 

Practice Walking in our Shoes 

If you’ve never walked in a pair of dress heels or shoes the night of prom is not the time to practice.

Spend a few weeks before prom to practice walking and reduce the chances of hurting your feet the night of prom. 

Order the Corsage/Boutonniere 

One picture parents love to take during prom is the one where their child is pinning the boutonnière or placing the corsage on their date. But if you forget to order it you won’t have one for this must-have photo. 

The wonderful thing about this is you can order it a few days in advance and pick it up. However, ensure you store it in the refrigerator so the flower can stay fresh

Get Ready 

The day has arrived and all that’s left to do is get ready. If you’re getting your hair done or receiving a haircut don’t try something you’ve not tried before. 

Prom night is not the time to experiment with hair dye or crazy makeup that you’ve never tried.  

The Ultimate Checklist for Prom Planning 

Our checklist for prom planning covers all the basics you need to know. Ensure you remember to purchase your prom tickets and the night of don’t try any new styles that you might regret later. 

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