Friends talking on phone in group trending us Friends talking on phone in group trending us



That’s the summary of peoples life on their phones. Just keep on scrolling up and down and this doesn’t even need a guiding tutorial! All one has to do is get a smartphone, the rest is history.
Very recently our beloved Jennifer Lawrence called out to a reporter during her Golden Globe Awards interview for being on his phone continuously and to highlight the gravity of this situation I’d like to share with you what he went on to ask her, he asked her how she felt at the OCSARS. Yes that’s right, sounds stupid doesn’t it? How could he not know it was GGA and not oscars! But tell me something, haven’t there been times when you have been zoned out of conversations for the same reason as this reporter? Because you weren’t paying attention? I am sure you have, even i have and that’s not something to be proud of.

Getting to the point, Over the years, our concentration levels have dropped significantly, almost everyone is a victim of headaches, our fingers twitch, we risk our lives to look at our phones while driving a two-wheeler, we prefer chatting to meeting and Wi-fis to High-fives.
We’re missing out on life, it’s passing us by while we are busy looking good in selfies, like mirrors weren’t enough.
When you are in a group, or with a person and you just can’t take your eyes off your phone, do you know how you’re making the other person feel?
It’s like saying that the person in front you, who took their time and made the effort to meet you so they could spend time with you, is just isn’t important enough.
Who amongst us like feeling that way? Don’t we all like those philosophical quotes on Facebook that say, “Love friends who i can talk to at 3 am! “
Or “Not everyone is busy, it’s all about priorities!”?
You know what’s really important is not a person who can talk to you at 3 am when everyone is free and has nothing to do but a person who can make time for you despite being busy.

My grandfather has a lot of these friends, their stories about their various escapades and fun times together are hilarious and so idyllic and then i wonder why do such stories keep thinning out as our generations progress? Who can remember how fun a What’sapp conversation was?
I can’t even call this a problem of our generation anymore cause our parents are doing just the same and our siblings are following our suit. It’s not right. Phones are non living beings which shouldn’t be given such importance over live beings, over humans, over friends, over families.
Our phones keep getting smarter and we keep getting dumber.
Wake up, put this thing down and go out and irritate some of your friends, make memories not quotes about missing them.

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