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“Any teacher that can be replaced with the Technology, deserves to be…” is a debatable fancy quote.

Technology has entered our every system in day-to-day life and education is one of them. We have become so habitat to the use of technology that we are not even aware of how easy the life has become. Education has transformed due to the blending of the technology and those days are long gone of browsing through the encyclopaedia. With the information at the finger tips, the learning is limitless.

Apart from the argument about the ill effect of technology which has affected the learning of the students in a negative manner, educational technology has proved itself to be an asset and a helpful tool in the growth of the student’s knowledge. The time that a student put in for the learning, can be utilized and as their growth is in their hands solely; either they can put efforts to stand out of the crowd or they can lose the opportunity. Few available ways how a student can grab the opportunity and can learn from are given below.

  1. Open Source Resources

No matter what you want to know about, there is information and data available on the internet which a student can access at anytime and anywhere. Whether you are looking for an online free courses or any other academic related topics, you will find help from the internet by few clicks and with a simple research. This trend of open source learning has developed skills and knowledge amongst the students. Students of Top Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh are utilizing this opportunity by using free online courses from online portals like Coursera and getting educational knowledge from Khan academy, etc. to study and prepare for the AP EAMCET 2018 examination.

  1. Digital Simulation and Models

In old-fashioned and traditional way of learning, it is sometimes difficult for the students to get the idea or the concept about a particular topic. The latest simulation, digital animation and models have helped students not only to understand the topic in a better way, but also to be more creative with the idea. Technology works both ways, it helps teachers to make students understand about the topics which are hard to explain in the restricted physical boundaries of the classroom.

  1. Multimedia Learning

“No-one learns the same” is an old saying and is also true where some people learn more lucidly from a visual communication, some prefers reading and want to develop the self-imagined image of the topic. Some prefer audio books and some still want old hard copy to have the feel of reading. Colleges are preferring the latest digital medium which consist all the materials in all the different formats. Suitable for the students, they can access the format and learn. No matter what style you prefer, there is always a way to learn more efficiently.

  1. Fun Learning

The introduction of computers, tablets, and mobile phones, there has been a great scope of education applications that helps learners to learn various concepts in a playful manner. The use of technology has made the learning fun and easy to understand.

As far as we know, the blending of technology and education is going to be there and develop with time. There is going to be a major change in the industry and lots more will come and enhance the learning. So be ready for the change and acquire what new comes. Rather than opposing. Try to embrace it and adjust in the whole new world of learning.

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