Study abroad checklist Study abroad checklist

Students worldwide are keen on taking up academic opportunities that allow them to explore new places and countries. Travelling allows students to learn more about the world and themselves; therefore, enrolling in universities abroad is one of the best ways to step out and lead an independent life. However, before embarking on this journey, do not forget to get the best travel insurance in India, which will protect you from sudden financial strains that might flush out all your hard-earned savings. In this article, we have curated a comprehensive checklist that will cover every aspect of moving abroad for studies.

1. Essentials

The idea of moving out of your country to pursue your academic aspirations requires solid groundwork. The amount of documentation required can be overwhelming for anyone to manage; therefore, it is a good idea to write down all the documents you will need and start applying for the documents that you don’t have but might require in the future. We suggest you start with the basics like passport, certificates, mark sheets, identity cards, birth certificates, medical approvals, and more. Additionally, also start looking for all the travel insurance plans offered by leading travel insurance companies in India.

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2. Start Applying for Programs

Once you have collected all the common documents, start by visiting the official websites of all the colleges and schools where you wish to study. Keep a sharp eye for fees, installments, student loans, scholarships, and financial aids the college provides. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the college/school. Additionally, get in touch with your friends, family, classmates, and acquaintances to learn more about all the courses offered by the university. Narrow down the course, be it degree or diploma, that sits well with your goal and interests.

3. Visa Application

As simple as it may seem, most students face obstacles at this stage. After you are done with your application process and receive written confirmation from your university, give yourself a broad window of about six months and start the process for the visa application. Keep in mind that by this time, you must also start planning to buy travel insurance online or offline, according to your convenience. Make a list of all required things like passport size photographs, identity documents, seat confirmation application, and more.

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4. Student Travel Insurance

Even though people want to be safe and insured on all fronts, they somehow underestimate the need for and importance of a student travel insurance, inclusive of health insurance. Travel insurance in India can be accessed through several leading companies and service providers. It saves you from exhausting yourself financially by making up for all the costs that are impossible to cover on your own. Moreover, the Internet has made everything just one click away, even though you can always go for an offline option; the easiest way is to buy travel insurance online by visiting websites of different insurance providers. To ensure that you choose a reliable insurance provider such as TATA AIG, read through their profile thoroughly.

Tata AIG has been a leading insurance provider for about 20 years now. They offer an extensive travel insurance plan for top destinations like the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and more. Buy travel insurance online that provides a comprehensive cover for accidents, illnesses, baggage loss or delay, travel assistance, and more. When you have invested so much time, labor, and money into your application, do not be reluctant to doubly secure all your hard work with a reliable travel insurance plan. To know more about the services extended by TATA AIG, visit their official website.

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