Saving money is on the top of everyone’s priority list these days. Using smart devices throughout your house will help save money. As a bonus, it will help cut down on your energy use, which decreases the footprint that you leave on the environment. Devices that run from a handheld device, such as your phone or tablet, will soon be the normal way of life. They allow you to live your life outside of your home while allowing you the capability of running your life at home remotely.

  1. Smart Thermostats-One of the most expensive costs associated with energy usage is heating and cooling. A smart thermostat allows you to install, program, hook to your phone, and walk away. They can be programmed on a schedule that lowers the amount of time that the units run during moments when they are not needed. For instance, when everyone is gone for work 8 or more hours, there is no need for the heater or air conditioner to be blasting. Children, animals, plants, etc. need to be considered when programming this into the device. You can always control it from anywhere with your phone if needed, so until the programming is set perfectly you will be able to play with the settings.
  2. Smart Lighting-Switching to smart lighting, which is basically LED bulbs with smart capabilities, will use 90% less power than the standard bulbs. Energy Star claims this, as well as the fact that these bulbs last twice as long, or longer. If you want to see the difference these lights can make, go to electricity compare online site that can show you the truth of the matter.
  3. Smart Outlets and Power Strips-According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Society 20% of all power bills are nonessential appliances or devices. For instance, a coffee pot that is on all day, but is only used in the morning. Multiple phones and computer chargers are plugged into the wall but not into a device. A smart outlet, or power strip, will automatically turn off when a device or appliance goes into sleep mode. They even make special strips that have colored plugs for those items that need to stay on all the time, like the refrigerator.
  4. Smart Appliances-When you include these into your home energy savings can increase immensely. Not only do these appliances give you ease and convenience of use, but they also lower your power bill by using less water, less power, and they will not stay on when you are not needing to use them. They are programmable or they can be controlled from your mobile devices.
  5. Smart House-The final step, and probably the most dramatic, is to add a smart brain into your house. This is the main motherboard that is connected to all your smart items within the house. There are specific requirements before one of these units can be installed. You must have certain smart appliances and devices before the brain can work. It works by communicating with each device in the home. It is controlled by you or the programming that you have put into it. The home brain will also give you suggestions, based on your power usage, of how to save money and energy.

Smart devices and appliances are becoming easier to obtain and install. When it comes down to saving some money the cost upfront may be more, but the result is well worth it. The more smart devices that you can install in the house, the better your power bill will look.

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