Did you know that the average US household is home to over 300,000 items? No wonder why our homes seem crowded with stuff — they are bursting with hundreds of thousands of items!

Thankfully, there are plenty of options for storing all your stuff in a way that keeps it both organized and out of the way. Check out these easy storage solutions to help keep your stuff out of the way.

1. Use the Loft

Does your home have a loft or attic? Be sure that you are taking advantage of that extra space. Many lofts have a bunch of “dead” space that isn’t being used. By following these simple organising tips you can make use of that space. It’s almost like gaining a whole new room for storage!

2. Bedroom Shelves

Take a look at the walls about a foot below the ceiling in your bedroom. Are they being put to use?

Why not install a bit of shelving? It’s the perfect place to put your favorite knickknacks on display or store a few of your favorite books. It’s always good to have great reading material handy right before bed.

3. Binder Clip Cord Organizer

Tired of messy cords snaking all over the place in your office? Organize them neatly in no time at all with a few binder clips. Simply attach them to the edge of your desk and slip the cords into the arms of the clips.

4. Turn Your Bed into Storage

What do you do with the space under your bed? Or behind the headboard? Why not turn them both into storage? Install drawers under the bed so you can easily slide them out and keep everything organized. For more storage, you can build the bed up higher, they say the air up there is better anyway!

A sliding shelf is perfect for slipping into the headboard and storing objects you might otherwise toss into a bedside table — without having to put a table there to take up floor space.

5. Crown Molding for a Shoe Rack

This is perhaps one of the most chic shoe storage solutions you’ll ever see. Hang a bit of crown molding on the wall. It will blend in and be unobtrusive. Then, you can neatly organize your shoes.

This will work best with high heels, of course, since you can hook the heel on top of the molding and the shoe will hold itself on the wall. Now you can see all your favorite heels in one place and take a bit of strain off your closet.

Storage Solutions for Everyone

Where there is a will there is a way. From creative closet storage solutions to kitchen storage solutions, there is a way to create more storage space in any size home. So the next time you start feeling like your home is too cluttered, whip out this article and start creating more storage space in your home to store all your beloved possessions.

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