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At least ten people die every day due to unintentional drowning, according to the CDC. Don’t be one of them! 

Swimming is a wonderful way to exercise, but you can always improve your swimming skills. This guide will tell you how to become a better swimmer with five tips. 

Get your swim on! 

1. Swim Frequently

One of the best ways to improve your swimming skills is to swim on the regular. 

When you create a swimming training routine, you will find that your swimming abilities do improve. You will grow stronger when you swim! 

You do not need to swim every day, but swimming two or three times a week will help you learn how to become a better swimmer. Use Laguna swim fins if you need extra comfort when you’re first starting. 

2. Keep Your Body Horizontal, Including Your Head

If you do not keep your body horizontal, you will find yourself unable to move with efficiency in the water. Keeping your body flat, and keeping your head tucked down, will help you learn how to become a faster swimmer. It will also help you with breathing. 

When you don’t need to breathe, you don’t need to move your head. When you do need to breathe, roll your head to the side to take a breath. You can alternate sides to help you breathe too. 

When you’re underwater, you can exhale a bit. When you need to inhale, that is when you bring your head above water. 

3. Propel a Kick from Your Hip

One of the major freestyle swimming tips is to propel your kicks from your hip. 

Your legs should be close together, and you need to keep your legs straight. If you kick from the knees, you won’t be very far in the water. 

Here’s a pro tip: a light clench of your butt muscles may help you focus on kicking from your hips. 

4. Swimming Training for All Strokes

While freestyle swimming is a major stroke to work on first, there are many other different strokes you should spend time on improving too. 

Swimming breaststroke is another major stroke to know how to do. You can also learn how to backstroke or sidestroke too. 

As you gain more strength and practice with your swimming skills, you can work on building your skillset to include more strokes than just your freestyle stroke. 

5. Stretching and Cool Down

Take time to cool down and stretch your way out of your swimming routine once you get to the end of it. Your muscles will thank you. 

This can help you feel you have truly established a routine too. 

How to Become a Better Swimmer

There are more tips on learning how to become a better swimmer. However, these five tips are a good starting point for all those wanting to learn how to improve their swimming skills. 

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