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So, what’s the secret to enjoying a bottle of wine? First, open the bottle to let it breathe… If it doesn’t look like it’s breathing, give it mouth to mouth!

In all seriousness, wine is fun to drink and can make your meals even better if you pair them the right way. Do you know the different types of wine? If not, read on to learn more.

White Wines

Even with hundreds of different wine types, most can be categorized as white or red wine. A glass of white wine is typically the best wine that goes with salmon and seafood. The most common white wines are chardonnay, riesling, pinot grigio, and sauvignon blanc.


Chardonnay is grown across the globe but is one of the most popular types of wine in America. A glass of chardonnay is always full-bodied.

Often, chardonnay is made with crisp fruit flavors, citrus aromas, and a hint of spice or vanilla. These combinations make this wine a great pairing for chicken dishes or creamy sauces.


Originating from Germany in the Rhine Valley, a riesling is another one of the popular kinds of wine you can buy. At first, it will taste acidic and sweet until you get a hint of honey flavors.

Drinking wine like this is best paired with spicy Asian foods and pork.

Pinot Grigio

A pinot grigio is an Italian white wine full of crisp fruit flavors. Although partially sweet with hints of pear or apple, this wine is dry and light.

Most people consider a pinot grigio and pinot gris as the same kind of wine. A true wine connoisseur knows that a pinot gris is a medium-bodied wine with floral aromas and hints of minerality.

Even with the slight difference, both wines can be paired with shellfish or any type of seafood.

Sauvignon Blanc

Like the former, a sauvignon blanc is light, dry, and crisp. However, this wine has notes of citrus and a grassy aroma. If aged in oak, the wine will include a spicy vanilla flavor.

This is another wine great with shellfish, but you can also pair it with vegetables and grilled chicken.

Red Wines

Among the popular red wines, we have cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, and merlot. Red wines are commonly associated with beef. Let’s touch on a little about these so you can know what to do when buying wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet sauvignon might seem like a famous wine because it is a full-bodied wine made right in Napa Valley. These “cabs” are rich as they are generally aged in French oak.

The dark fruity flavors make it a perfect pair to a steak or other kind of red meat.

Pinot Noir

A pinot noir is smooth and filled with red-fruit aromas, most notably cherries. When drinking wine like this, you’ll notice a lingering finish. This wine should be paired with veal or other wild game.


Merlot is the cousin of a cabernet sauvignon but fruitier. You can pair this wine with something as simple as a hamburger or get fancy with duck and lamb.

Types of Wine You Should Try

If you never considered yourself a wine person, you probably aren’t drinking it the right way. To enjoy wine, you should find the flavors that work with your taste buds and pair them with the right foods.

Because there are so many different types of wine, you are bound to find one you enjoy. For more culinary articles, check out the posts from our blog.

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