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The 2020 Stress in America study revealed that almost half of adults experience negative behavior changes a as result of increased stress.

Stress is one of many reasons for negative behaviors, patterns, and thoughts. When you can’t quite figure out what those reasons are or how to heal them, a spiritual coach could be the answer.

A spiritual coach helps you identify your goals and what’s blocking you from getting there. But the way they go about it is different from any of the coaches you’ve heard of before.

Keep reading to find out what a spiritual coach is and 3 signs you might need one.

What Is a Spiritual Coach?

Coaches help you redirect or navigate your life, identify your goals and dreams, and remove the blocks that are holding you back. Spiritual coaches, or spiritual development coaches, share this commonality with life, career, and relationship coaches.

What makes a spiritual coach different is how they weave a spiritual aspect into the notion of coaching. Their approach involves looking into the causes for your blockages, instead of creating a roadmap that overcomes superficial problems.

They go beyond analyzing habits, behaviors, and goals. They explore the connection between the individual and the universe. The concept is that when you find that inner connection and a greater sense of purpose, it positively affects your relationships, careers, finances, and overall happiness.

3 Signs You Need a Spiritual Development Coach

If you’re having a hard time navigating your life or achieving your dreams, coaching may be the answer. And if you’re ready to deep dive into your inner self and start living a life of purpose, a spiritual coach is what you need.

Here are 3 clear signs that you’re ready to bring spiritual coaching into your life.

1. You Feel Lost

When you don’t know who you are or what you want from life, a spiritual coach can help you find your true self. If you can develop a deeper understanding of your place in the universe, you can find a greater sense of meaning.

By addressing the negative thoughts and patterns that make your life chaotic and distort your perspective, you can begin to focus on what truly matters to you.

2. You Feel Blocked

If you’re not quite lost, but you can’t quite seem to move forward, there might be blocks that are holding you back. Often these blockages are related to old traumas and the patterns, stories, and triggers around those traumas.

With Spiritual Direction Training, you can identify those traumas and work through them in a safe way.

3. You’re Facing a Big Transition

Changing careers, getting out of a relationship, moving to a new city, or a death in the family. All of these are major life transitions. They can cause chaos and disruption in an otherwise healthy life.

That’s because life transitions mean change. They mean we have to let go of what we know and adapt to a new situation.

If you want to put your best foot forward when making a major life change, a spiritual coach can help you do that.

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A spiritual coach is different from a traditional coach because they get to the root cause of the issue. They explore what’s deep inside the individual and help them make greater connections with the divine.

And for that reason, they’re more than a trend. To explore more trends that just might stick, be sure to check our blog regularly.

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