Orthodontic treatment secrets Orthodontic treatment secrets

Other than brushing and flossing, do you wonder what else you should you be doing to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy? Do you wish you knew what your dentist was thinking during an exam? Here are three secrets that Doug Baum of Baum Orthodontics wish patients knew.

1. Orthodontists Know When You Don’t Follow Dental Advice

An orthodontist knows if you have been following advice based on the condition of your teeth and gums. Even if you brush energetically before your appointment, it will not erase stains from eating, drinking or smoking. You will also not be able to keep flossing habits a secret as any dental specialist will be able to tell based on the condition of your gum line and tissue.

If you wear braces, they also tell on a patient who is not practicing proper dental techniques. Having braces requires a lot of responsibility, so if you had issues before they were put on, it would be a trying task to put the added time into the process. You must also take additional care as wires and brackets are easy to damage which requires extra attention to detail.

2. You Don’t Need a Specialist to Practice Prevention

Even though dentist in New York teach prevention techniques for a beautiful and healthy smile, patients still miss checkups and wait until a serious issue arises before they make a dental appointment. Prevention is the best method yet many patients who suffer from a medical issue wait until they have bad breath or swollen and bleeding gums before seeking treatment that costs more.

Do you know how much the average dental care cost is? The average a person pays for dental insurance is $59, but the average out-of-pocket expense is $837.50 per dental procedure. Revenue is a critical component to dental clinic maintenance yet dentists spend more time on prevention that they do the cost of dental procedures or long-term costs associated with them. As such, if you’re curious to know if your teeth is healthy, head to VIP dental practice for more medical advice.

3. Sugar Does Not Cause Cavities Alone

It is a misconception that sugary sweets and drinks are to blame for cavities. Dentists wish their patients thought about lifestyle and diet choices that severely damage teeth rather than wait for dentists to counterbalance it. Oral health also must include food choices. Foods with carbohydrates and starches are just as damaging as sugar when poor oral hygiene is present.

That is not to say that sugar is not a major contributor to tooth decay. Sugars adhere to your teeth and remain for days. When bacteria are present in your mouth and come into contact with sugary foods and drinks, these elements together in your mouth produce acids that eat away enamel and cause tooth decay. Cut back on sweets, acidic juices, chips, crackers and bread.

While making lifestyle changes, develop a healthy eating habit by incorporating dairy, fruits and vegetables as nutrition is critical to oral health. Also, make sure to see your dentist at a minimum of twice yearly for a checkup so that you know the status of your oral health. The longer you put off seeing a dentist, the more serious your condition will be and will cost more to repair.

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