Enrollment in private high school rose 18% from the late ’90s. As parents continue to learn the benefits of sending their kids to private high school, interest and enrollment will keep seeing a steady increase.

But is a private education really that much better than a public one? This guide will go over the five significant reasons why private high schools are thriving.

1. Better Classes and Facilities

Private high schools have the capabilities to fund unique classes and state-of-the-art facilities. Many of these schools offer interesting classes you wouldn’t find in a typical public high school, like specialized art classes.

Private schools give students access to unique extracurricular activities that offer greater learning opportunities, such as robotics, that you wouldn’t normally find in a public school.

2. Smaller Class Sizes

Going to the best private school means smaller class sizes, which is one of the most important perks. Smaller class sizes ensure that teachers have more time to dedicate to your child. This extra time helps ensure your child continues to excel and address glaring issues or misunderstandings.

Smaller class sizes are also conducive for Socratic Method style teachings. This teaching style perpetuates participation. It also ensures every student fully understands the course material.

3. Superior Room & Board

While private day schools are common, private boarding schools offer a superior level of education to all others. Boarding school keeps students on campus in high-quality dorms. This encourages students to socialize with their peers.

Staying on campus also makes it easier for students to keep up with their extracurricular activities. They also keep themselves within an educational atmosphere.

4. High Graduation Rate and Ivy League Acceptance

Private high schools offer more advanced classes than public schools. This helps ensure students are well-prepared for college and get a head start with advanced placement (AP) credits.

On average, ivy league schools have a significant percentage of their student body originate from private schools. For example, 42% of Yale’s student body originated from a private high school. The rate of graduation is also much higher in private schools.

5. Better Quality Education

Along with smaller class sizes, the best private high schools in USA often employ the best teachers. Private school teachers tend to have more advanced degrees in their fields. In many cases, these teachers hold prestigious doctorate degrees.

Since teachers are more highly educated, they tend to feel more passionate about their subject. This passion translates well into a teaching setting and helps make students more interested in their classes.

6. Financial Aid Offers

If you have a gifted child but don’t have the financial capacity to send them to a private school, you still have options.

One of the fantastic things about private schools is the amount of funding they have available for families who need help paying the tuition. All of the benefits of private school is still accessible for those who need it.

Private High School Is the Way to Go

These benefits showcase the quality and perks of private high school education. While there’s a significant financial investment to consider, parents should weigh the benefits over public high schools.

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