A Routine Servicing   Must For Your Car

8 Reasons to Regularly Service Your Car

Purchasing a car is a significant expense. Many individuals also draw car loans to attain this luxury in life. However, just investing in a car is not sufficient. Your car needs proper maintenance and regular servicing to display its best performance. Servicing can also directly impact your driving experience and comfort. 

Now, most individuals do not take car servicing seriously. But this is a grave misconception. Any car, whether luxury or otherwise, requires regular maintenance and servicing. You could be greatly depreciating the value of your vehicle by not opting for service.  All must be considered when servicing your car, from tyres to brakes, seats, air conditioning, engines, batteries etc. Also, your maintenance is a direct factor when considering your car’s resale. 

So, have you been delaying the servicing of your car? Well, read this blog to understand the importance of regular servicing and why you should invest in quality car servicing.  Here’s why you must regularly opt for proper maintenance and servicing of your car —  

1. Helps increase the life span of your car

Typically, most cars come with a set of years of lifespan. However, the longevity can largely be extended with routine maintenance and servicing. Attending to engines, batteries, and air conditioning, regularly checking filters, oiling, and general cleaning can go a long way to ensure the best health of your car. 

2. Establishes safety

Most individuals do not realise that routine maintenance is paramount to enhancing your vehicle’s safety. For instance, due to long usage, sometimes, car brakes may not work as efficiently as prescribed per safety standards. Also, you may want to ensure that the airbags, the gearbox, and everything else are functioning properly. 

Safety should be your top priority when dealing with a car. Hence remember to sign up for quality servicing regularly. Also, you can opt for a car protection cover for complete safety. Read all T&Cs here <insert link>.

3. Increases resale value 

A well-maintained car naturally attracts better resale prices. 

Routine maintenance increases the efficiency and performance of the car, helping negotiate better rates. On the contrary, poor maintenance can tank the prospects of your car’s resale, reducing it to scrap in extreme conditions. 

4. Decreases running costs over time

It is best to routinely service your car before common day-to-day problems grow into full-blown issues. If so, your maintenance costs can run into several thousand. Luxury cars may require extra maintenance and servicing. They can run a high bill if put aside for a long time. 

This unnecessary expense can easily be avoided by maintaining a routine check-up schedule. 

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5. Prevents overheating

Another reason why you should opt for regular servicing is to avoid overheating. 

With constant usage, different parts of your vehicle, like engines, etc., can overheat. This can threaten safety and directly impact performance. Overheating can rapidly depreciate your car and its part. 

Hence opt for regular maintenance. You can also avail of the car protection cover to enhance the safety of your car in situations such as overheating and more. 

6. Maintains mileage 

As your car usage increases, there is a chance of your mileage being affected negatively. 

When engines are regularly serviced, they can help maintain mileage and performance. Coolants, regular oil changes and other vehicle maintenance elements are paramount to ensure cognitive and good mileage. 

7. Helps environmental causes

It may surprise you that routine servicing can reduce your carbon footprint. Yes, poorly maintained cars can produce more toxins in the air, mainly due to unchanged oils and even clogged exhausts. 

You may need more fuel to cover the same distance if your car is not well maintained. Hence, routine servicing can help you be environmentally conscious.

8. Aids performance analysis

Regular maintenance and car check-ups can help evaluate your car’s performance. You can check all vitals of your car pre and post-servicing, which can help you identify problematic areas and instantly cater to them. 


How you maintain your car will decide its longevity and shelf-life. And hence, it is paramount to ensure that you place a high emphasis on car servicing and maintenance. Regular maintenance can increase the shelf life of your car, increase performance and mileage, and help prevent overheating and other safety hazards. Always remember purchasing a car might be easy, but maintenance will require effort.

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