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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Kill Yourself

Are you in a situation where the option you can find is to kill yourself? An act of causing your own death, suicide? But why would you want to kill yourself? Well, the reasons vary from person to person. From mental illness to abuse or social isolation/loneliness, it can be anything but the basic thought that settles in the mind of a suicidal person is that they feel hopeless, worthless or trapped up so deep into a situation that they find the only way out is to die. Instead of facing the problem, they find it easier to run away from all the pain and end up killing themselves.

So, is running away really a better option than facing the problem? Is it really easier to kill yourself than try to handle that particular situation? Let’s get you familiar with 10 reasons why you should not suicide, you should love yourself and why we love you:

1. You Are a Beautiful Person, Inside-Out

you are beautiful
Cafe Mom

No matter what the situations are or what people say about you, you are a beautiful person from inside. Your heart is pure. Maybe you have committed some mistakes but you are guilty about them and that doesn’t mean you should end your own life.

2. This Is Not the End – Just the Beginning

best thing about bad times

If you want to enjoy the rainbow, you have to go through the rain as well as the sun. Maybe the situations are not so favorable but the best thing about bad time is that it ends. Just remember, you need to set down to rise above all.

3. The Best Is yet to Come – Just Hold On

best comes after the worst
Holy Kaw

There are great times waiting for you to come, today was just a bad day but tomorrow will be another awesome sunshine and everything is gonna be fine. Just wait and let it pass. YOU CAN!

4. Life Is Worth Living – & So Are You

it does not matter what they say
Small Pond Ent

Life may not feel so good right now but it is. Just throw off the care, put on your shoes and just dance, sing, shout, run, fall, you are free. You are unstoppable. Don’t let people ruin your joy because, in the end it won’t even matter what they said. It’s your life, make it large.

5. You Are Stronger Than All of Them

you deserve everything
George Costa

You are just bent, not broken. You are strong. Don’t ever let people make you feel that you don’t deserve what you want. You are stronger than them. You are brave, fearless, just stand up and the world will look up to you. You may have fallen down, but you know how to stand up. That’s just the way how a superhero learns to fly.

6. You Can Stand up – & Conquer

worry about yourself
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This is life. You trip, tremble, fall and even cry, but in the end you learn how to stand up. You learn how to walk on your own, just believe in yourself you can conquer anything and everything you want single-handed.

7. You Can Carry Yourself – Nobody Else Will

ignore what they say
Carren Smith

The only person who can help you, is you. You can carry your own weight but you are waiting for someone else to do it. So don’t kill yourself because the world is bad, you don’t deserve to die. You just don’t want to live anymore but when you learn to carry yourself, you’ll learn how to live.

8. Everything’s Going to Be Fine – Believe in Yourself

i love myself
LD Awe

Tough times do not last but tough people do. You are strong, just let the dark clouds fade away and when you open your eyes you would see the brightest sun shining only for you. Just have faith in yourself, love yourself.

9. There Are People Who Love You

do anything for one smile

You may not notice them but, there is at least one person who has always been by your side. One person who can do anything just for one little smile on your face, they love you more than anything else in this world. Just remember not to lose the moon while counting the stars. Because when the sky was dark and you saw the world black, you forgot to notice the moon was by your side.

10. Your Life Is Precious – & You Are Priceless

you-laugh-because-you know how it is to be sad

There are people in this world who are struggling to live, they want to live but just can’t, and here you want to kill yourself! Go take a trip to hospital, people are fighting to live, for them each second of life is precious, look at them, look at their families and that’s when you’ll realize how precious your life is.

  • Don’t give up too fast.
  • You are strong because you know your weaknesses.
  • You are beautiful because you are aware about your flaws.
  • You are fearless because you learn to recognize illusion from real.
  • You are wise because you have learnt from your mistakes.
  • You are a lover because you have felt hate.
  • You can laugh because you have known sadness.

So, why die?

It’s time to make someone else happy. This Diwali, instead of thinking of harming yourself by spending money on crackers, “You can buy new clothes, sweets or anything that make those needy people happy. You can buy them blankets as we all know how severe winters can get in some parts of our country. But here again, don’t bless them with cash but only with kindness.

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