Youtube views_quick & easy ways to increase their quantity Youtube views_quick & easy ways to increase their quantity

YouTube is one of the most popular social platforms worldwide. Video content is believed to be the most engaging throughout online communities. So it is natural that many people seek popularity on this network. One of the things that are vital for a successful blog is views.

In this article, you will learn about different methods and hacks to enlarge the number of video views on your channel.

Quick tips and Easy ways to Increase Youtube Views


Gaining big numbers of views always takes time, even in the case when you use paid services. Nowadays YouTube algorithms are getting more complex and accurate, so just buying large quantities of bots won’t help at all, or even make your channel blocked.

The most compromised advice would be to go for smaller purchases because all you basically need is a little push at the beginning. For starters, you can check this website and buy 100 YouTube views. Planning and a tight schedule are some of the clues to get you big numbers.

To get a constant flow of new subscribers and retain the ones you already have, you need to post constantly and always have content sorted out for a few weeks ahead. Also, you must have patience. Even with paid promotion, people will need some time for recognizing your channel.


Mentioning your YouTube channel on other social profiles of yours is a good way to increase the number of views. YouTube has a powerful feature of being embedded almost everywhere on the internet. You can put it on every existing social media profile for branding perspective.

Viewers from other platforms also increase the recognition of your blog within YouTube video, as its algorithms will count the incoming traffic for your favor and thus increase your ratings.


YouTube has many incredible statistics like there are 5 billion videos watched every day. Don’t get sad just yet, because even though there are very many bloggers on practically every niche, a beginner has good chances to step on the pedestal too.

One of the effective ways to attract more viewers is to make the hooking titles for your content. YouTube is all about first impressions, and adding an intriguing title increases your chance to receive more video views.  Here are some tips for good title-making:

  • Use titles with question, like “how-to”, “what-is”
  • Add words that stress the uniqueness and quality of your content (e.g. awesome, mind-blowing, funny, etc.)
  • Lists are a good choice too – people like watching “10 reasons to…” or “7 best things…”, “16 amazing facts…”
  • Don’t forget to include keywords that are relevant to your niche.


Another thing that lures viewers to your content sufficiently is a thumbnail picture. Along with the title, a thumbnail is the first thing that a user sees so it is important to make it attractive. YouTube can make thumbnails automatically, but as it is still just a machine, it doesn’t care and can choose a goofy shot, that has no meaning or is not informative. Making custom thumbnails is not too hard, and it is totally worth doing.

Making custom pictures helps you to ensure that your video looks engaging and also to emphasize the purpose of it. The most common and effective method to make your thumbnails work is to make a template that includes a chosen font and appearance. This way you make your channel look branded and show some professionalism, thus rack more youtube views.


Even though annotations were removed a few years ago, promoting a video within a video is still possible. You can put the links to your older videos into the description of newer ones. Another method to increase the number of video views is to add YouTube cards.

This tool is similar to annotation, as its function is to show a suggestion to the viewer. There are enough guides through the Internet about how to do them, but the main thing to remember is that the key to a “click” is an engaging title as well.

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Sort of bribing your viewers, yet effective for getting youtube views. In order to do that you have to be creative. For example, to increase views on your older videos, make a quest for your viewers, where they must look through the whole video to find a particular thing. That can not only boost your youtube views rate but enhance your statistics of Watch time as well.

Don’t forget to prepare good prizes for winners. Disappointed people can leave your channel and the information about your dishonesty or greediness can spread very fast and wide.


Even though it may not be obvious, YouTube is a social platform that can help you to create a strong community. As on any other social media, the key to enlarge the audience on YouTube is communication. Engaged users provide more views.

People like active bloggers, who reach out to their audience. Your possibilities are endless – discussions, quizzes, puzzles, games, even IG challenges etc. The more interactions you make, the more feedback you get thus providing a constant flow of views for your future content. Here’s how you must do that to increase youtube views:

  • Try to reply to as many comments as possible
  • Be polite and respectful
  • Avoid highly flammable topics, that can insult someone
  • Be ready for critique and learn to differ an objective point from bullying
  • Ask your viewers about what would they like to see from you
  • Nurture a community around your channel.


YouTube is one of the most popular social media on the planet. Even though almost every niche is occupied with a bunch of people, you have a good chance to squeeze in. Just be yourself, use the hacks from this article and the most important thing – make quality content.

Eventually, you will reach your goals of increasing youtube views. Good luck!

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