New mattress can change your life New mattress can change your life

A good and peaceful night’s sleep is essential for your body’s overall health and wellbeing. Most people attribute their bad sleep to stress, overthinking, and health issues. However, they forget that poor beddings, including mattresses and pillows, also significantly impair sleep. Having a soft mattress and pillow doesn’t assure comfort during sleep.

In as much as it seems impractical, changing your sleeping mattress has a significant impact on the quality of sleep. Mattresses can change your life by providing a plethora of benefits. However, before outlining the various ways in which a new mattress can change your life, when should you replace your mattress? Below are the signs that you need to change your mattress.

Signs that You Should Change Your Mattress

Signs that you should change your mattress

Consider changing your mattress;

  • If your mattress is old – mattresses manufacturers recommend that you should use your mattress for up to 8 years. Therefore, if you cannot remember when or where you bought the mattress, consider getting a new one. You can also notice signs of aging if the mattress produces strange creaking sounds or excessive staining.
  • Causes restlessness, aches, and pains – old mattresses often cause a lot of restlessness, joint pains, and aches. While you might not notice this if you are using the mattress daily, spending a night at your friend’s house or in a hotel can make you realize the difference.
  • If the mattress has sunk – you can easily distinguish a brand new mattress from an old one that has lost its firmness. Sleeping in a sunken mattress significantly affects your sleep quality.

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How a New Mattress Changes Your Life

A new mattress comes with following life-changing benefits:

1. Better Support

Over time, mattress-manufacturing technology has significantly improved. Therefore, if you are still sleeping on a five plus-year-old mattress, your sleeping experience might be limited to the initial hefty and spring-filled mattresses without customization. These mattresses were expensive, yet they don’t provide sufficient support.

Modern mattresses are available in various options at affordable price tags. You can opt for memory foam or spring options with great comfort. Sleeping in a mattress that offers the right support is beneficial in multiple ways. Worth noting is that it eliminates joint pain and aches often experienced on waking. It also provides great neck and back support, reducing the potential risks of back pain and other serious problems.

As mentioned, there are multiple mattress options to choose from. The wide array makes it possible to get a quality, durable, and affordable mattress. Besides, even after choosing your preferred model, you need some adaptation time, as it can be uncomfortable initially.

2. Assures Restful Sleep

According to health experts, 6 to 8 hours of sleep is considered enough for adults. The exact time may vary from one person to another, depending on present illnesses, activity levels, and medications, among other factors. However, even without such affecting factors, it can be difficult to enjoy a restful night’s sleep with a bad mattress.

Sleeping in a good mattress enables your body to attain proper postures, eliminating nightmares and the need to take sleep-inducing supplements to get some sleep. Sleeping less than 6-8 hours causes sleep deprivation, which results in anxiety, irritability, and constant fatigue. Purchasing a new mattress brings unmatched comfort, support, and cooling properties, which are essential for a restful sleep.

How a new mattress changes your life

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3. Reduced or No Sweating

You shouldn’t be used to waking up soaked in sweat. Old mattresses are made from low-quality textile materials that retain heat and moisture, which explains the sweating and damp feeling every morning. New, modern mattresses come with high-grade fabrics that help dispel moisture, keeping your body cool all through the night. With a new mattress, you will wake up feeling refreshed and dry, reducing the irritability that comes with waking up sweaty every morning.

Accumulating moisture in your bed also creates an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and microscopic organisms. This can cause allergies and irritable skin conditions. The cooling technology of new mattresses is beneficial for you and your partner, especially those who share beds. Unless your partner suffers from sweating, there is a high chance he/she struggles with your sweaty sleeping habits. You will be doing them a great favor by getting a new mattress.

4. Better Health and Wellness

Sleeping in a bad mattress significantly affects your general health and wellness. Apart from providing better support, reduced sweating, and assuring restful sleep, changing your mattress comes with tons of health benefits. Sleeping well at night, make your mornings energized and relaxed. It eliminates the intense mood changes associated with bad sleep.

Sleeping in a good mattress also guarantees good sleeping posture at night, which is associated with several health issues, including joint and muscle pains, heavy breathing, and skin conditions resulting from poor cooling technology. You will also stay free from mental health issues associated with bad sleep at night.

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Bottom Line

Most people are, surprisingly, not aware of how sleeping in a bad mattress affects their general wellbeing. For others, mattresses are the last thing they consider changing. However, mattresses are among the small changes you can undertake in your home with big outcomes. That said, don’t expect to notice the benefits of a new mattress immediately. As mentioned, it can be difficult to adapt to a new mattress during the first days. However, after some time, you will realize better emotional states, improved wellbeing, and energy in the mornings.

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