Growing old happy trending us Growing old happy trending us

I read this somewhere –
“If you are paying attention, each successive year will make you more intimately acquainted with all your flaws – the blind spots, the recurring habits of thought that may be genetic or may be environmental, but that will almost certainly worsen with time, as surely as the hitch in your walk turns to pain in your hip.”
I read it once. I read it twice. Somehow, I clung on to the quote to find out what its writer was trying to say. When taken in its literal-est sense, it definitely strikes a chord.
Yes we grow, grow old each second, day, month & year! They say growing makes us smarter & wiser as we pool in experiences from a vast arena. We become aware of what lies out there. We become independent. We choose to nurture our senses & wit with each passing day. On the contrary, they also say that growing makes our bones weaker, our hair greyer, and our eye-sight poorer.

Let me tell you, I cannot agree more. Growing is a comprehensive process where you cannot choose any one of the above to happen.

We become more aware of all the flaws that inhabit us. We over think & let our flaws override our confidence. We become wary of how we look. More often than not, we become prudent of how we present ourselves & what others think, rather perceive of us.
Then there comes a time in our life when we have to let go these people who disappoint us with their pointless drama, who are judgemental of us & who make our lives miserable with their hypocrisy.
It is then that we have to decide to surround ourselves with people who not only have integrity but who make us laugh, who matter, and who identify all our flaws & yet do not choose to despise them instead, live with them, No matter  what may come.
Moreover, it is significant for us to live with our flaws & let them not become concrete enough to shatter the kind of a person that we are.
Yes, growing old definitely makes us devoid of the physical appearance that beautifies our young age. But that is not growing all about. It is about shedding our dumb-wit, I said. It is about better things & better people, my friend said.

Here Are some of the images, That shows how old people are cool too!

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