Must Experience Tours In Australia Must Experience Tours In Australia

10 Must Experience Tours In Australia

Australia is known for its spectacular views, incredible landscapes, and amazing wildlife. In fact, there is so much to see and do that a trip to this country is an experience of a lifetime for adventurers or anyone who simply wants to relax.

1. Green Island Day Trip Cairns

Just 45 minutes from Cairns, a day trip to Green Island is filled with exploration. You will relish the Great Barrier Reef and the incredibly lush rain forest on this protected coral cay. However, there are a variety of ways to enjoy your day, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and nature walks. When you are out snapping memories on your phone, you should be sure to not miss a glass-bottom boat tour or the chance to experience an unforgettable ride in a semi-submarine while touring the coral reef.

2. Port Arthur Tour Hobart

One of the top sites to see in Tasmania, a tour of Port Arthur is a chance to step back in time and experience a bit of the reign of the British Empire. Built by the actual prisoners, this historic site was a penal settlement constructed in early 1800. This open-air museum allows you to experience a bit of what it was like to be imprisoned here as you walk among the vast prison ruins.

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3. Pinnacles Desert: Sunset and Stargazing Tour

On your way to the Pinnacles Desert, you will enjoy a stop at Yanchep National Park for a fun visit with the koalas and kangaroos. Upon arrival at Pinnacles Desert, you can walk among the incredible rock formations, and as the sun begins to set, you will be amazed by the colors and moon-like landscape that comprise this experience. Once the sun has set, this awe-inspiring night sky reveals all of its beauty over the Pinnacle Desert, and the absence of light pollution makes the stars burn in spectacular detail.

4. Kings Canyon

Located in Australia’s Northern Territory, Kings Canyon provides its visitors with an unforgettable visual experience. A tour of this remarkable chasm allows you to experience one of the most unique geographical formations on earth. It consists of palm forests and a variety of interesting animals. Many tours provide you the unforgettable experience of viewing the canyon’s sunset from atop the cliff walls, which reach up to 100 meters high.

5. Kuranda Scenic Railway

This day trip from Cairns to Kuranda along the scenic railway unveils incredibly lush land and otherworldly wildlife found in Tropical North Queensland. Tours encompass a visit to an enchanting village via the famous Kuranda Scenic Railway and typically provide a variety of activities, including a visit to the Tjupakai Aboriginal Cultural Park and the opportunity to enjoy the exotic birds and koalas.

6. Kakadu

If you are interested in Australia’s Aboriginal history, you should consider a guided trip from Darwin. Tours include views of the ancient rock art of Ubirr Rock. You can also enjoy a Guluyambi cruise on the East Alligator River with indigenous guides who expertly share with visitors all of the rich history and beauty of the area.

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7. Kangaroo Island

A trip from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island is a tour you should not miss. This island is one of the best places for you to experience incredible views of kangaroos. Full-day tours typically begin with a coach and ferry trip to the island. Next, tours will include a guided walk to see a variety of Australian wildlife, including sea lions, wallabies, and koalas.

8. Litchfield National Park

This safari from Darwin is a tour that you should seriously consider. Located in the Northern Territory, Litchfield National Park is in a remote region that provides visitors with a uniquely authentic Australian experience. Among many of the amazing experiences, you can enjoy is the Jumping Crocodile Cruise where you can witness these ferocious creatures as they leap out of the water.

9. Helicopter Tour

A decidedly unique way to explore Australia, a helicopter tour will leave you with an unforgettable experience as you take in the view of the breathtaking landscape and wildlife. As there are many tours to choose from, you can simplify your choices by simply searching “Bekaa Air Brisbane” and making your registrations. Whether you are interested in just a scenic flight or a flight that culminates in an incredible destination, a helicopter tour is an experience that provides all the views you can imagine at speeds to steal your mind.

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10. Bruny Island Day Tour

To reach the island, you will take a ferry ride from Hobart while enjoying a view of penguins and seals. A tour of the island consists of exploring The Neck and Truganini Lookout and immersing yourself in the island’s cuisine. The cuisine includes samples of foods like cheese, chocolate, and cider. Partaking in an exclusive tour to the Cape Bruny Lighthouse will complete your day.

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