Five Reasons To Play League Of Legends Over DOTA 2

You could come to the gaming world with an idea of what you want to do, and you could be stuck between League of Legends and DOTA2.  You have to make a choice that will be best for you, and you have to see if there is a way for you to make the right choice.  In almost every case, it is going to be League of Legends, and there are five tips here that show you why you should be playing League of Legends over DOTA2.  This game will give you the best experience without taxing you too much.

  1. Gameplay

The gameplay for League of Legends is much simpler.  You do not feel overwhelmed when you are on a site like Aussy Elo, and you can get acclimated to the game in a way that is much easier.  You will feel like the game is coming to you, and you can learn to play without watching the game pass you by.  This is very important because you bought a game pass, and you do not want to feel like you should not have bought it.

  1. The Information

The information in the game is much easier to digest than if you were in DOTA2, and you can keep up with the plot so that you are not in a place where you think that you have missed big plot points.  You also have to remember that you could keep up with the game more easily if you are not compelled to take notes.  People who get confused feel like they are wasting time, and they think the game is just too hard.

  1. The Community

The community that you get into when you are playing is much better when you are playing League of Legends, and you can learn a lot more from these people because they want you to be a part of something that is so much more powerful than just one game.  This means that you could completely change how you play, and you do not have to be confused.

  1. The Graphics

The graphics in this game are much nicer because you feel as though you are immersed in the game without feeling like they are trying to hard.  The games that make you feel like the graphics are thrown at you are just not as fun, and you want to have an overview fo the game that lets you enjoy everything League of Legends allows you to see it all.

  1. The Time It Takes

You can play League of Legends regularly without feeling like you are spending your whole life playing these games.  You will notice that you can save time because the game is less complicated, and it is not so draining when you are playing because it is laid out in a way that is much simpler for you.

There are many people who will find that they could use these games to get the best experience, but they need to choose League of Legends for all the reasons above.  It is a much more enjoyable game.

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