How to choose a topic for argumentative essay How to choose a topic for argumentative essay

Deciding on the right topic is the very first choice of an argumentative essay author. For some students, it can become a frustrating process. Consider these tips to come up with an A-grade essay.

  • Think about the topic that you are interested in and want to get more information about. This way, you accomplish two goals at once. You investigate the sources, get more expertise in the desired topic, and write an essay to present this information to your readers.
  • Think of your audience. Your readers are a decisive factor not only for a topic but also for the tone of your paper, the most suitable evidence, and even language you might use in your paper. Think about their expectations towards your essay and make sure you fulfill them.
  • Be narrow and specific. Many “great” essay topics sound like “Why should people protect the environment?” I doubt that you would be interested in reading them until the end. The common mistake is sticking to a too broad topic that has already been investigated inside and out. Narrow down and talk about something particular like “Plastic bottle recycling in the US: is it effective?”

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Don’t be afraid to pick controversial topics

The biggest fear of many students is too argumentative. But it is an argumentative essay, so why be scared of it? However, it doesn’t mean being prejudiced or opinionated. Without controversies, your paper will look dull and basic. If you want to keep your audience engaged, stick to the topic that causes a reaction. Think about this assignment as about preparing a debate. If this topic covers at least two reasonable viewpoints that can be separated into opposing groups – it is an excellent choice.

Be original

Make your paper stand out. Think about issues you face in everyday life and that haven’t been investigated before. Even if you demonstrate excellent writing skills, the topic will be ordinary; you aren’t likely to receive a high grade.

Pay attention to your counterarguments

Every argumentative essay should include an opposing viewpoint. This demonstrates that you have analyzed the topic thoroughly and have taken into account all the viewpoints before presenting the outcome. Present the opposite viewpoint as if it were yours; this will show that you are objective and unprejudiced. In case you give only superficial arguments. Briefly, it seems that you don’t have enough evidence to disprove. Support these arguments from credible sources to give readers more insight into the analyzed issue. You can add your own arguments that refute opposing points, and a powerful final argument should be from your side and prove your position is the most proper.

Don’t be too picky

Of course, you should pay enough attention to selecting the most beneficial topic. Even if it doesn’t seem ideal for you, it doesn’t mean that it is not valid or unsuitable. Keep in mind that the topic should have two or more opposing points, and that’s enough for it to be suitable for such a paper. Procrastination and postponing the decision till the last night before the deadline isn’t going to bring any positive outcomes.

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Over 90 Topic Ideas for Inspiration

To make your search even easier, we prepared a list of topics divided into different categories.

Good Topics

  1. Are people the only reason for climatic changes?
  2. Are social networks beneficial for our society?
  3. Is modern technology and digitization affecting our learning capabilities negatively?
  4. Should penalties for corruption be more severe?
  5. Do most parents give enough attention to their children’s behavior?
  6. Are international alliances helpful in social problems?
  7. Are women’s rights protected equally in all countries?
  8. The pros and cons of the federal system in the US?

For Middle School

  1. Are sports important to succeed in life?
  2. Is drinking alcohol a bad habit or a part of a lifestyle?
  3. Should students have a right to choose the disciplines to study?
  4. What are the relationships between sports and weight?
  5. Should society fight against teen pregnancies?
  6. Should dangerous sports be banned?
  7. Are paper books still in demand?
  8. Is cyberbullying equal to bullying in real life?
  9. What are the advantages of school uniforms?
  10. Dangers of online friendship

For high school

  1. The pros and cons of remote education?
  2. How many foreign languages should be taught at school?
  3. Is the prohibition of fast food for children reasonable?
  4. What is an optimal age to create an account in social networks?
  5. Is graffiti an art or vandalism?
  6. Should financial education be taught at schools?
  7. How to reduce stress among students?
  8. Is working hard enough to achieve success?
  9. Are teenagers more comfortable with messaging than with face-to-face communication?
  10. Should religion be an obligatory discipline at school?
  11. Why do teenagers admire bloggers?
  12. Have bloggers replaced celebrities?
  13. Do technologies make us lazy and unwilling to study?

For College

  1. Is a gap year a necessity?
  2. Is sex education effective for college students?
  3. Are colleges worth their cost?
  4. Is time management a must-have skill?
  5. Are traditional and online classes equally effective?
  6. Pros and cons of educational process gamification
  7. Are parents the best teachers?
  8. Should children under 18 be allowed to have tattoos?
  9. Is age a major factor in a relationship?
  10. At what age should children be given their own mobile phones?
  11. Are standard tests effective for evaluation?
  12. Expertise vs. soft skills. Which is more important in a workplace?
  13. Should education be free for all?
  14.  Are grades still effective in modern educational systems?


  1. Do we rely too much on computers?
  2. Are beauty standards a positive or negative phenomenon?
  3. What are the real aims of the Feminist movement?
  4. BLM movement and its negative outcomes on economy and politics.
  5. Vegetarianism and its social influence
  6. Should love relationships in a workplace be banned?
  7. Should parents control the Internet behavior of their children?
  8. Is dating many people at the same time a new norm?
  9. Should children learn a foreign language in a kindergarten?
  10. The pros and cons of free Internet access.
  11.  Should the government control childbirth to avoid overpopulation?
  12. How do parents encourage gender stereotypes?
  13. Should physical discipline in families be prohibited?
  14. Is life without social networks real?
  15. The representation of beauty standards in media.

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  1. Does technology make our minds lazier?
  2. Are self-driving cars a future?
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of AI
  4. Should coding become a school discipline?
  5. Have technological advancements made us less productive?
  6. The influence of microwaves.
  7. Wearable devices: Pros and cons
  8. Is 5G network safe
  9. Spying apps as privacy invaders
  10. Can we protect our data on the Internet?
  11. Is AI going to boost unemployment rates?
  12. 3D printers: Pros and cons


  1. Is anorexia a mental disorder or physical disease?
  2. Should all people be able to attend a mental therapist?
  3. Are all hinds of sports beneficial for our health?
  4. Is eating fast food equal to smoking and drinking alcohol?
  5. Are shopaholics mentally ill people?
  6. The positive and negative effects of vegetarianism.
  7. Should cannabis be legalized for medical purposes?
  8. Can art be called a medicine from stress?
  9. Is coffee addiction a disease?
  10. Pros and cons of private healthcare systems
  11. The relations between cancer and the use of gadgets
  12. Is medicine promotion ethical?
  13. Is homeopathy an effective form of self-treatment?
  14.  Are antibiotics more harmful than helpful?
  15. Why don’t most people drink enough water throughout the day?
  16. The possible dangers of injections in cosmetology

The Most Controversial Topics

  1. Abortion. Saving life or having a choice?
  2. Has online dating destroyed conventional relationships?
  3. Should illegal immigrants be given shelter?
  4. Is eating meat unethical?
  5. The pros and cons of gadgets for children under the school-age
  6. Should healthcare be free for everyone?

Final thoughts

With the helpful tips and a wide range of topics above, creating an argumentative essay becomes a piece of cake. Simply ensure the chosen subject is original and interesting to you. If you are too afraid to fail this assignment or lack time to pay enough attention to it, our professionals are there for you.

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