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People watch more than a billion hours of video content every day on YouTube. That don’t forget videos watched on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Video marketing is the way to connect with your customers. The issue is that you don’t know how to create videos that are good enough to keep someone from scrolling right past them.

Knowing the basics of marketing video creation is the best place to start learning. Keep reading for marketing video creation advice.

1. Outline Your Idea

You could turn on your phone’s camera and just start talking. Without a clear purpose for your video, you won’t have any idea what to talk about.

You’ll come across as an amateur company and that doesn’t reflect your brand. You want to be clear from the start who the video is for.

You also want to understand their challenges and how your video helps them solve them. The video doesn’t have to be a life-changing course. It can be a couple of minutes long with a few quick tips.

2. Where Will People Watch Your Video?

Decide where you’ll post the video. This determines the overall length and aspect ratio of the video.

A TikTok or Instagram story video needs to be 9:16. A YouTube video is 16:9.

The place also determines how people watch and for how long. You can assume that most people watch on a mobile device. If they’re already scrolling, the video needs to capture their attention in the first couple of seconds.

3. Script the Video

Out of the marketing video creation tips listed here, this is the most important. Too many creators think they can wing it and they fail miserably.

Script the video content and write down the types of shots you’ll need for the video. Do you need a medium close-up shot that captures you from the chest up? You can mix that in with other angles so you can edit them together to create a more engaging video.

B roll footage often sets professional videos apart from amateurs. The b roll meaning is that you shoot secondary footage to clarify the location or set the tone of the video.

4. Record the Marketing Video

Once you have everything together, it’s time to shoot the video. You don’t need to have expensive equipment to record a marketing video.

You do need to have quality sound and good lighting. Viewers won’t stick around if they can’t hear or see the video.

5. Edit and Post

The editing process is where you take your footage and turn it into a professional video. You can add text and graphics to the video and splice the footage together.

The final step is to post the video. Don’t forget to engage with people who like and comment on your post.

The Top Marketing Video Creation Tips

Marketing video production doesn’t require a lot of time to produce quality content. You do need to have a plan and a script before you begin.

This marketing video creation guide showed you the basics of creating a marketing video. Put them to use and you’ll always engage with your audience.

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