Dealing with household pests can be a headache.

After all, no one enjoys the thought of insects invading their living space. This is especially true when it comes to termites. That’s because termites in your house can result in expensive damage.

The key to reducing structural damage to your home is to quickly identify a termite infestation and then take steps to eliminate the problem with proper pest control. Fortunately, this article can help. Here we take a look at how to tell if your house has termites so you can act quickly. Keep reading to learn more.

Mud Tubes

When it comes to the most common signs of a termite infestation in your home, it’s important to look for mud tubes. These structures are used by termites in your home to travel between the soil beneath your home to food sources.

You will typically notice them near the foundation and are used by termites for protection. Fortunately, mud tubes are easily visible to the naked eye, making it simple to understand you have an infestation that requires the attention of a pest control professional.

Difficulty Opening Doors and Windows

It’s no secret that termites thrive in hot and damp environments. And when they begin eating the wood at the edges of your doors and windows, this tunneling allows moisture in, causing the wood to warp.

If you notice the doors or windows of your home fitting a bit too snugly, this is a clear sign that you might need to hire a professional who understands how to get rid of termites before the problem gets worse.

The Presence of Frass

What is frass? This is a term used to describe dry wood-colored droppings produced by termites that closely resemble saw dust. Pest control specialists always look for frass when inspecting a home for evidence that the homeowner might have a termite infestation.

Discarded Termite Wings

Discard wings are another common sign of the presence of termites in your house. It’s important to keep in mind that swarmers often shed their wings when they take flight. Thus you’re likely to discover piles of wings scattered throughout your property.


Swarmers are flying termites. These are highly annoying pests that provide clear evidence that you need to hire a pest control specialist as soon as possible.

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A Guide to How to Tell If Your House Has Termites

It’s no secret that pest control is an important part of owning real estate. Fortunately, this guide to tips on how to tell if your house has termites will help protect you and your family from termite infestation.

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