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Did you know, American families spend almost $2,000 on clothes every single year?

Instead of throwing away your old clothes and spending money on new garments, why not find ways to upgrade them for cheap?

For example, iron-on patches are a fun way to show off your personality! Let’s look at a few ways to style them:

1. Keep It Simple

If you have an old, boring t-shirt that you don’t enjoy wearing anymore, why not jazz it up with an iron-on patch?

Custom iron-on patches are a great way to upgrade any look. You could let the world know that you’re a feminist or that you’re a dog lover!

Simply iron your patch onto one side of the t-shirt and it’ll instantly improve your outfit.

2. Cover a Denim Jacket

Purchase a second hand, oversized denim jacket, and cover this in patches and pins for a really cool, ‘out there’ look.

Depending on the patches you choose, you could create a punk look, hipster vibe, or a shrine to your favorite band.

This is a great item to throw on over a simple black dress or with a pair of jeans. Add a pair of Doc Martens to really complete the look!

3. Patch Your Denim Shorts

During summer, there is no better way to add a pop of color to your outfit that by ironing a few patches onto your shorts.

Spending a few weeks at Disney? Why not iron-on some cute Disney patches? Are you going on a beach holiday? Add an ice cream and a passport patch to your shorts.

Your clothes can tell the story of your summer. Make sure you decide how you want the final outfit to look before you begin ironing on your patches!

4. Military Jackets With Patches Are Very Fashionable 

If you don’t love the look of a denim jacket, why not instead purchase a second-hand military jacket? These look great worn with jeans or dresses.

To add some style and flair, iron-on a few cute patches which juxtapose the military-style. Finally, why not pair this look with sneakers?

It’s a perfect outfit for a casual brunch date or a walk around your local park. Make sure you have sunglasses on hand to look extra chic.

5. Jazz up Your Jeans

As summer transitions into fall, move from shorts to jeans. Just adding a few iron-on patches for jeans to a ripped, old pair will look very cool.

Alternatively, why not also add a few Halloween patches to your jeans to wear throughout the month of October?

Check out this article from patches4less.com for more inspiration for how to wear your patches and show off your personality! 

Which Iron-On Patches Will You Choose?

Are you wondering how to add iron-on patches to your look? The answer is to simply buy a few patches you love and try them out on old clothes!

You can instantly improve the look of an outfit by adding a few custom patches.

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