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Are you tired of having rough, dry skin? You’re not alone. It’s a common condition that’s caused by a multitude of factors

The fragrance that’s packed into some products can do serious harm. The soap you’re using could be sapping the moisture out of your skin. In some cases, dry skin is a simple matter of unlucky genetics. 

No matter the cause, we can teach you how to get smoother skin that you’ll fall in love with. Check out this guide to learn how to change up your beauty routine and switch your diet to improve the texture of your skin. 


One of the best ways to get smooth skin is to exfoliate. It kicks dead skin to the curb while pulling out dirt and grime. Your other products will be able to penetrate your skin a bit deeper after you exfoliate. 

If you have sensitive skin, it might sting a bit after the first use. Using a mild product can help with that. 

Rub the exfoliate around your skin in gentle circles. If you’re too rough, you’ll do more harm than good. 

Change Your Diet

If you put junk food in, you’re going to get junk out. What we mean is that if you rely on fast food, your skin is going to be rough and dry. 

Your diet should be rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and veggies. It will fight the free radicals in your body that cause damage and prevent you from having a smooth face. 

Drink Water

Our bodies are largely made of water for a reason. You need to drink plenty of it. 

It fuels your skin cells and helps them do a better job of filtering out toxins. You’ll need to drink at least 8 glasses a day if you want to get smooth skin. 

Wear Sunscreen

You need your daily dose of vitamin D, but the harsh UV rays that come from the sun can damage your skin, too. 

That’s why it’s important to protect yourself when you go out. Always keep a bottle of sunscreen handy. 


The key to smoother skin is choosing the right moisturizer to breathe new life into your face. Since you’re dealing with rough skin, you’ll want to grab something with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and enzymes. 

If your skin is a bit on the sensitive side, you’ll need a product that contains ceramides. Go here and take a look at a few amazing options. 

How to Get Smoother Skin That You’ll Love

Trying to figure out how to get smoother skin? As you can see, the trick is changing up your skincare routine and cutting junk food out of your diet. 

It also helps to keep yourself hydrated, wear sunscreen when you go outside, and reach for the right moisturizer. 

For more tips that will help you protect your skin, visit the Health section of our blog. 

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