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Brand connection directly impacts the bottom line. Over 76% of customers say they’ll buy from brands that connect with them.

Branding guidelines impact perception and marketing materials. These guidelines can help you command a strong brand presence. 

Companies like Apple use brand guidelines to create products and communicate with customers. You can adopt similar strategies to make your brand stand out. 

We’ll provide some pointers so you can create branding guidelines for your business.

Know the Customer

Who do you serve with your brand? Knowing your customer avatar is pivotal for your company’s success. You can create marketing material and content that aligns with these prospects.

Businesses with customer bases should review their data. Reviewing data helps brands learn more about current customers and adapt. Your marketing strategy should change as your customers change.

Branding services can help you understand customers. Read more about these services and how they can grow your business.

Invest the time and resources to understand your customers. The customer avatar should guide your company’s decisions.

Master Your Logo and Color Scheme

Logos and color schemes are visual representations of your company. Nike customers think of the brand upon seeing the iconic swoosh. 

Create a logo that captures your company’s purpose. FedEx’s logo may look simple, but the “e” and “x” combine to form a white arrow.

This logo design indicates the company continues moving forward. Once you see the white arrow in FedEx’s logo, you can’t unsee it.

Color schemes also impact how people see your brand. Color psychology explains how colors affect our perception. People associate trust with blue, making it a common color choice for brands. 

Each color has a different association. Understand what your brand should represent, and use color schemes that match your vision. A brand style guide ensures you use the right color scheme for your brand.

Save Time with Templates

Templates educate employees on how to engage with customers and perform other tasks. These templates save time and maintain consistency across your brand.

Companies hire new talent to expand operations, but customers only see the brand. Each employee you hire represents your brand and its ideals.

A negative encounter can cost you a customer. Templates and training reduce the likelihood of that scenario.

Set Standards

Employees use standards to measure their performance. You may set expectations for content, such as a Grammarly review and keyword research.

Standards for workplace culture can lead to a positive experience for employees. These standards have an internal impact and influence a customer’s experience.

Prospects will see your ads and content. Standards around these assets influence the final output. These assets will determine how customers see your company.

Branding Guidelines Create Consistency

A consistent message and customer experience position brands to become memorable. Branding guidelines ensure employees remain on the same page through implementation.

An effective branding strategy can lead to more synergies and company growth. Want to learn more about branding? Continue reading this blog for additional resources and insights. 

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