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Did you know that nearly 44 million tonnes of waste are produced by commercial and industrial businesses in the UK? If you work in an office, you need the right commercial waste bins at all times.

But how do you choose the right waste bins? What are some things to look out for when choosing your trash cans and other disposal units?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about commercial waste bins and how you can choose the right one.


When you’re planning on buying a waste bin, the first and perhaps the most important thing to consider is knowing where to place it. You want something that fits without intruding on the surrounding space. 

That said, you can go for larger bins if you have the right amount of space. This all depends on how big your workspace is and how much extra room you have.


Choosing the right waste bin is also about knowing how much waste your workplace produces each day. Failing to account for that can mean too much waste with not enough room or vice versa. 

Understand how often the waste bin is used and how quickly it’ll fill up. Picking something that accommodates that amount will net you a good purchase.

Odor Security

Depending on whether you allow for food or other odor-producing waste to be thrown out, this is another key consideration. Waste bins with lids are worth considering if you want to keep smells out of the office.


Taking out the trash should be made as easy as possible. Handling partially depends on the size of the waste bin, but trash bins with handles and easy access to the trash bags should definitely be considered. 

Special Containers

If your office handles things like medical equipment or sharp objects, note that before you make any purchases. This is important for both the safety of your workers and complying with workplace laws.

Separating Recycling and Trash

Many workplaces separate their recycling and trash. If you work somewhere that prioritizes this, make sure you purchase trash bins with lids. Don’t forget to label the recycling bin clearly.

Placing Them Out of the Way + Cleaning

While this may not be a tip related to purchasing commercial waste bins, it’s worth considering how you can strategically place your bins to ensure it’s not in the way. This allows your workplace to operate without any nuisance.

Some workplaces are smaller than others, so placing your waste bins in the proper areas ensures no one bumps into them on accident.

Another thing to consider is cleaning out your trash bins as often as possible. If you need a site to purchase the best waste bins, check out Qbicwashrooms.co.uk.

Choosing the Right Commercial Waste Bins

Choosing the right commercial waste bins can be challenging, seeing as there are plenty of options available. Use this guide to understand what you need to know before making the right choice for your work!

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