Technology helps children of divorce Technology helps children of divorce

Software – Technology Helps Children of Divorce

Adults often complain about teenagers scrolling on their mobiles instead of having a conversation with their moms and dads. In lots of families, this repeats regularly. But what about those, whose parents got a legal divorce online or offline and moved to different towns or countries afterwards? In this case, their close connection to gadgets can do the trick.  Often technology helps children of divorce

When two people share custody, it is always hard for one parent, who lives apart from his or her kids, to not be part of their daily activities. This is also true for those who send their little ones to co-parents for weekends or holidays. Every chance to communicate face to face is hard to underestimate; however, in the reality of everyday life, often, it is impossible to have both a mom and dad under the same roof.

Nevertheless, technology enables modern adults to converse with their boys and girls without the need to wait for the right time to come. Nowadays, both kids and their parents can use advanced methods of interaction to keep in touch no matter what time of day and what day of the week. Let’s get to the point and find out how techs may help your little ones feel more comfortable with you living apart from them.

Apps that Can Benefit Parent-Child Relations

When it comes to little kids, FaceTime and Skype are great choices. By using these apps, you can converse with your little ones while they are with your ex and assure yourself that they are doing well. Your kids, in their turn, can talk to you, share their thoughts, ask your opinion on a particular issue, etc. You and your ex-soulmate must establish ground rules for how much technology will be in your life.

If you have older kids, then you can use a wider range of technology to connect with them. There is evidence indicating that teens who interact with their parents on social media are closer to them. There are many platforms and you can choose whatever all of you are comfortable with. If you strive to stay informed about your kid’s life and everything that is going on with them, then do your best to meet them wherever they are locally and, of course, digitally.

Programs That Can Help Teens Connect with their Parents

Every day brings us new technology: unhappy couples have many Washington divorce online services to take advantage of and their little ones can access a great variety of digital tools to use to stay in touch with the adults. When it comes to the latter ones, some apps seem to stay for a while. Let us say, WhatsApp is one of these apps. It is a very simple program that allows free face-to-face calls all over the globe.

By signing up for WeChat from your mobiles, you can not only share some “moments” with your children but also have your time playing various games. Sending short audio, sharing their location, and sending emoticons – the program allows all of these.

For sharing pictures and other visuals, teens choose Tumblr. The latter allows them to create posts in a variety of formats. A good alternative to Tumblr is Kik. This app is free of charge and it, like many similar apps, allows for texting, sending emoticons, videos, etc. What many don’t like about this program is its high level of privacy. All Kik users communicate with each other under fake names and no telephone numbers are specified, and thus many parents avoid using this soft as it becomes hard for them to monitor their kids’ Kik activity.

Digital Tools for Co-parents

When it comes to joint parenting, both exes should realize that little pitchers have long ears. For this very reason, they should avoid fighting at any cost. Adults must understand that their kids’ happiness and their future life greatly depend on how well they pull together, and if they cannot talk to each other face to face quietly, then they should use online communication tools. This is how they can avoid fights and learn how to get along with each other. These tools include but are not limited to Coparently, Our Family Wizard, and Google Calendar. This soft is developed with ex-spouses and their kids in mind and is meant to improve dialogue between exes, let them share info related to their kids, and so forth.

Teenagers, whose parents use any of these tools, go through less stress than those whose moms and dads communicate face-to-face in a raised voice. With these programs, ex-partners can easily avoid the issues related to real-time communication and be always informed about their kids’ academic achievements and their health state, never forget about appointments, pay maintenance in time, and never miss important events

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