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Did you know that 40% of people who go on a first date get lucky at the end of the day?

As a secret weapon, perfume comes in handy in all kinds of social situations, including dates. However, it’s important to familiarize yourself with perfume concentrations so that you don’t bathe in perfume and make a bad impression. This is especially important when preparing for a first date.

Are you wondering how much is enough? Keep reading to learn about how much perfume to use on a first date.

How Much to Use

Since perfumes come in different kinds of concentrations, the amount you put on will depend on how powerful the perfume is. Wearing perfume on a first date is important, but you don’t want to overdo it. Too much perfume can end up smelling bad due to hyper-stimulation.

The higher the concentration, the more the perfume will cost. However, you also don’t have to use as much of the perfume since it isn’t watered down. This is why it’s worth going for a perfume with a high concentration, even if you’re hesitant about the cost.

Concentration Types

Depending on the brand, the perfume of the highest concentration can last 6 hours or more. The best brands, such as those from fragrance direct, can last an entire day. The concentration of perfume can end up being as high as 30%.

Eau de Parfum is less concentrated and can only last 6 hours tops. Its percentage of essential oils is never higher than 20%.

Eau de Toilette is even weaker, and its concentration range is often somewhere between 5% and 15%. Although it lasts 4 hours or fewer, it’s often much more affordable than other perfumes, so it’s the best perfume to wear while on a budget. Eau de Cologne is the weakest and lasts only a couple of hours.

How to Apply Perfume

Simply put, the best way to wear perfume is by rubbing it onto your erogenous zones. These zones are sensitive to sexual stimulation and also work as a great target for your perfume. For instance, you can start by spritzing your wrist and then rubbing your wrists together so that the perfume spreads.

Are you still wondering where to spray perfume? Yet another erogenous you should cover is the part of your neck that’s just behind the earlobes. Of course, these two aren’t the only erogenous zones, but putting perfume on your feet and scalp is going a tad overboard.

Now You Know How Much Perfume to Use

Now that you’ve learned about how much perfume to use on a first date, you can have full confidence that you’ll make the greatest first impression possible. First dates can often be nerve-wracking, but if you look and smell your best, you’ll have a better chance of connecting with that special someone.

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