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Coronavirus has made travel hard. But it hasn’t stopped it completely.

If you want to make travel plans you still can. You just have to make sure you pay attention to what you can do and where you can go.

There are tons of rules and regulations to keep on top of, but there are also some general things to keep in mind. To help you stay up to date with the trending issue of travel during the pandemic, we’ve put this handy guide together for you.

International Travel Restrictions

The official recommendation at the moment is that you should not travel internationally. However, some countries are allowing foreign travelers. Keep an eye on the most up-to-date guidelines for who can travel and where.

Making travel plans months in advance for international trips is going to be tough for a while. Here’s a list of where you can travel abroad right now. But, remember, this list is fluctuating all the time.

It’s also worth remembering that restrictions on US visitors are tougher than for other nationalities.

Domestic Travel Restrictions

Within the US, each state has a different set of guidelines and requirements. Check the local rules before you travel.

The CDC has established clear guidelines for domestic travel. Pay attention to these guidelines when making your travel plans.

Airlines are operating but the major carriers all have guidelines for how to make the flight as safe as possible. Check with your carrier before you make your plans. The same applies to train, bus, and boat travel.

The long and short of it, is when you’re making travel plans in the US, find out what the latest guidelines are for where you’re going. Check with your transport provider, too. You can also visit Cade Hildreth website to get great travel advice.

Changes to Expect

Not only is the actual travel a little tougher because of COVID-19, but there will also be changes to the overall experience of traveling.

Travel is likely to be cheaper. It’s almost certainly going to be cleaner and safer. And cancellations and changes to your plans will be more flexible.

Carriers and transport providers need your business. The coronavirus shutdown hit them hard. That means there are some incredible deals on flights and other trips. Shop around and look for coronavirus specials.

When you travel or arrive at your hotel you’re going to see a lot of attention paid to cleanliness and safety. Housekeeping is taking place more often. Virus-killing cleaning products are being used more frequently and in more places.

Most of the major transportation companies are offering more flexibility on changes and cancellations. Fees that were charged for these things prior to the pandemic are often waived now. These companies want your business and they’re making it easier for you to change your plans if government guidelines and restrictions change at the last minute.

Your Travel Plans Will Be Different

With the pandemic set to stay for a while, the key difference to your travel plans will be the need for flexibility. You’re not going to get to choose precisely where you want to go and when for a while.

Keep an eye on official travel restrictions. Get ready for last-minute planning and change. But the good thing is that getting to your destination and staying there will be as clean as it has ever been.

For more advice on trending issues check out our website. We aim to keep you in the loop for what’s happening right now.

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