A guide to stackable diamond rings A guide to stackable diamond rings

While there is no doubt that engagement rings and wedding bands are truly stunning standalone items, a growing number of individuals are choosing to “stack” these rings in order to achieve an even more memorable visual effect. However, this is also when things can become slightly complicated. As opposed to being solely concerned about the appearance of a single piece of jewelry, it is important to achieve an aesthetic balance. So, what are a handful of variables which should be taken into account? Let us take a few moments to examine some professional suggestions.

Guide to Stackable Diamond Rings

Band Thickness

Comfort is key when stacking one or more diamond ring. This is why it is normally better to opt for thinner bands. Thick bands can sometimes have the tendency to “creep” up the finger towards the knuckle; potentially hindering movement and risking a snag. Thinner bands also accentuate the diamonds themselves; a nice touch if you are looking to draw more attention to the stones.

Combining Diamond Cuts

In terms of the type of diamond cut, there is no single rule to follow. However, many wearers enjoy wearing rings associated with different styles (such as princess cut, round brilliant or emerald). It is felt that this visual disparity will draw more attention to the gemstones and help to accentuate the appearance of the rings. Assuming that you have more than one diamond ring, it could be a good idea to experiment with different combinations in order to select the best option.

All About Variety

While each ring should contain at least one element which allows it to visually blend with the others, variety is key. Wearing a series of diamond rings that are virtually identical can often lead to a bland and rather “flat” appearance. It is much better to choose rings that stand out from one another and are still able to share a specific theme (such as the type of metal, the band or the setting).

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Types of Metal

This will once again be dictated by your personal preferences. Some individuals choose to wear diamond rings fashioned from a single precious metal (such as silver or gold). However, others feel that different colors (such as rose gold stacked next to platinum or silver) can provide a more three-dimensional effect; ideal if you wish to add a sense of depth to your stacked rings.

Other Stones?

Diamond rings can often contain other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires. The good news is that these colors will create truly kaleidoscopic effects when used in combination with one another. Stacking rings with multiple colored stones can also be an interesting choice if you wish to accentuate other tones found within a specific wardrobe ensemble.

Stacking two or more diamond rings is becoming an increasingly popular trend and as we have just seen, you have a great deal of latitude in terms of your options. Still, the recommendations highlighted above should prove useful when making an informed decision.

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