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Garage door businesses have grown at a rate of 2.7% each year for the past five years.

How many more individuals could the industry employ with such continuous growth?

The answer is endless as a garage door technician becomes necessary on any construction team or new garage business. These individuals receive an infinite supply of work and find quick opportunities for career growth, expert certification, and a good salary.

If this sounds like a fit for you, continue reading below to find out more information on how to become a garage door expert.

Specifics of the Role

A garage door technician services, repairs, and installs garage doors of different sizes and materials. This individual is wholly responsible for a property’s main entrance and exit.

An average day for a garage door service technician could be setting up a remote, replacing rusted springs, and working with contractors on a new build. A technician also encounters business activities, including invoicing, client communications, and inventory tracking.

You need to know the basics of garage systems and home architecture to be an excellent fit for the role, and that comes with training.

Qualifications to be a Garage Door Technician 

A qualified garage door technician builds their skills for years on the field. They also take courses with the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA), furthering their expertise.

You can begin your journey by apprenticing the experts for hands-on learning. Working at a construction business also offers unique training for garage door work.

Qualifications for the job include both physical and technical prowess, including:

  • Lifting 45+ lbs
  • Comfort and agility on a ladder
  • Electrical experience

Working on garage doors in some states may call for certification. Check the state requirements where you’re looking to take on a role as a garage door technician.

Soft Skills Needed for the Position

Though you may focus your preparation on qualifications, you shouldn’t discount the soft skills needed for the role!

Garage door technician jobs need a professional individual who will maintain safety regulations. Being detail-oriented is a significant pro on your application.

Communication and time management are also crucial. You need to speak clearly with clients to help them understand their needs. Timeliness and communication create efficiency amongst you and the team, especially in emergencies.

Process to Become a Technician

Becoming a garage door technician is an attainable process that doesn’t need formal education. But you will need training and on-hands experience.

First, you should review the required and soft skills to find areas that you’d like to improve on.

Next is to find your best method of gaining experience in the field. Apprenticeship opportunities are a great way to work one-on-one with garage door experts. Doing entry-level work at a construction company is another innovative method for success.

In tandem with experience building, you should look into certification courses. You can set yourself apart from other candidates by starting the process whether or not they are required in your state.

After gaining experience, you can begin applying to technician roles. You can also evaluate the opportunity to start your own business.

Begin Your Career Trajectory

Becoming a garage door technician is a strong career move for those within the construction industry. With an average garage door technician pay at $35k a year, you will find this to be a valuable and worthwhile venture on your career journey. Follow the process above and see where an apprenticeship will take you.

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