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Looking to get the best internet connection for your small business?

The Internet is an integral part of society nowadays. No one can go a day without accessing the Internet to quickly check facts or to drop in on their favorite social media platforms. Even companies find the Internet essential to maintain business functions.

Even when you’re running a start-up, the Internet helps you build your business from the ground. It’s difficult to choose the right internet connection for your business though. There are often 2 options competing against each other: fiber wire internet vs DSL.

Knowing which one suits your business better can save it and help you cut on costs in the long run. Read on to know which connection will be better for your business model.

How Is Fiber Different From DSL Cable?

DSL cables are the standard of wired internet connections. They are the familiar cables you see behind your house’s landline. This is because DSL shares a connection with telephone lines.

This is where the classic dial-up tone comes from. DSL cables specialize in using your house’s telephone line to separate internet frequencies from your landline. This is because DSL cables have copper wires inside them.

This allows them to be efficient in separating different frequencies. Copper also allows them to transmit signals faster. They were the fastest way to connect to the Internet.

However, fiber wire internet connections dethroned them in speed when they were first introduced. Inside a fiber cable is a bunch of smaller cables. These surround a thin glass wire that allows these cables to transmit signals faster.

They transmit data via light signals. It travels through the glass wire, using the smaller cables surrounding it as support. This allows them to give you the fastest internet connection available today.

Advantages of a Fiber Wire Internet Connection

A fiber connection is the best way to go for speed. You can expect a connection speed of at least 10-15 Mbps when you start your business. It can improve from here as the connection settles on your location.

This means you can also expect stability for your business. Fiber connections often have amazing reliability. The connection often goes down only when a storm hits your area.

This makes them an ideal choice for businesses with intensive Internet needs. Internet cafes are an example of business models that need a strong and stable internet connection.

Another advantage of a fiber connection is they’re scalable. They’re the newest available method of getting a connection to the Internet. Some businesses and technologies already support it to its fullest potential, despite it being new.

More technologies will come to unlock the fiber connection’s full potential. Some companies like Shentel Business already support it and can help your business do so too.

Disadvantages of a Fiber Internet Connection

Although there are a lot of benefits to getting a fiber internet connection installed, not everything is great with this internet connection option. The biggest problem with a fiber connection is the cost. These often cost much more than any DSL connection.

Different companies offer various rates, with some being cheaper than others. The bottom line is you’re still expected to pay more to sustain this kind of internet connection. This is understandable, as you often need to spend money to make money.

When you’re building your way up to being a sustainable business though, it can be too pricey. Another disadvantage is it’s not yet available in all areas. While fiber scalability is strong, some areas still don’t have access to fiber connections.

When your area gets a connection, it’s often limited. This is because fiber connections only allow a few customers per conduit. This makes them provide fast internet connections to the selected few.

Having a new conduit installed can take long. It’s also pricey to do so, so they make sure it’s worth it to install another conduit in the same area. This means there has to be more people willing to opt for the same fiber connection.

Advantages of a DSL Connection

If you’re looking for an affordable connection, then DSL is the way to go. It’s the best choice if your business doesn’t need an internet connection to function. The Internet only serves to support business functions if you want to thrive with DSL.

DSL is an economic function that allows you to stay on top of your finances. You don’t need a great internet connection if you only need it to do statistic checks.

DSL connections also give you a great deal. You get a landline when you connect to the Internet via DSL. This makes it an even better option for your business.

Another great perk with DSL connections is they’re available in all areas. This availability means you’ll get a connection if you subscribe to a DSL provider.

Disadvantages of a DSL Connection

A problem with DSL connections is the speed. While it’s nothing to scoff at, it will seem slow compared to what fiber connections offer. One DSL option offers faster upload and download speeds though.

This is often enough to contend with fiber connections. The only drawback is it prevents you from using the phone to your liking. It only allows you to make calls to Internet providers.

These won’t be enough to kill your business. You can make them work if your business model allows it. What will kill you though, is the limited scalability.

DSL is an aging option that will become obsolete. Technologies are focusing on improving fiber connections today. This means DSL will phase out soon and your business won’t support it.

Choose Between Fiber and DSL Connections Today

Fiber wire internet connections are the stepping stones towards the future. They’re the best way to future-proof your business. However, it may be too expensive for new businesses that are struggling.

Use DSL connections for a start-up instead! You can use this before transitioning to fiber connections. Check your business and get the right connection today.

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