Faceless culture bad boon Faceless culture bad boon

Is “Faceless Culture” a new term?

Can boon be bad? What is this like? What does it exactly mean? Here are the answers.

Yes, the world is moving towards a faceless culture. It is very obvious that in this technological world communication is increased, people are more connected with one another. Social media has brought us nearest to one another. Hold on, have you noticed something? Is it actually a strange thing?  Earlier it was like lots of people are indeed connected to us. If we observe the current scenario faces are being vanished.

Atm machines

Really it means there is more usage of technology where it happens that we can’t see faces of the people most. There are machines more than men. Faces are really disappearing. Earlier when we deposit or withdraw the money in bank cashiers or some officers were there. Now, it has been reduced or almost lessened. There is a machine in front of you but no person. Machine gives you money.

Post office’s concept is almost to over. Do you remember the post man who has visited your home recently? If yes, he won’t be frequently visiting. It is an online world. Virtual world bangs on people! In fact every day we face this new faceless culture. From plane ticket booking to bus-train ticket booking. Today there will not be a person to book your tickets; he used to smile few years ago.

Postman culture flat

Considering recent trends, you have a computer screen to smile and a machine to receive it. Who really goes to interview at the actual place? Interview, conferences and all other meetings are being held online. The person whom we are talking is there but the face of the person is so far. If you are working in your cubicle, you and your virtual world is there but a person just next to your cubicle is beyond the ocean for you.

Connectivity and the presence of the people in real sense is almost on a phase to be buried. From shopping mall to tall tax booth no faces are there! Automatic billing counters are waiting for us. Oh my god, customer care companies are also ready with computerized recording and voice for their lovely customers! No voice of a live face!

Car without driver is welcoming us unfortunately soon to almost the places. Not only in cars, many other gadgets actually ready to welcome us. 4 people in room are actually busy with their cell phones. All the online shopping is emerging us into them. E-billing, e-commerce, e-shopping, e-chatting has stopped our proximity to every near and dear.

Here, the point is we are entering into the faceless world. Screens, tabs, digital voice has made us to forget the real feelings of person. No doubt the mass has been connected but has disconnected the faces! It’s time to wake up, and stay like there is no virtual world fire you from real faces and dismiss the physical attachment of persons.

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