Essentials for planning a motorcycle road trip Essentials for planning a motorcycle road trip

Road trips are a great vacation plan since they take you off the beaten path. There is a lot to see and experience when you do this as many interesting things are not listed in the guidebooks. The best way to experience the open road on vacation is to go on a motorcycle ride. It is an exhilarating way to travel since there is little between you and the fresh air. 

The problem is that it takes a lot of planning when riding a motorcycle. There are safety concerns as well as logistics that have to be dealt with that make it much different than doing a road trip in a car. In this article, we will go over some of the ways to get the most out of your motorcycle road trip. 

1. Have the right gear

There is a lot of gear that is designed for riding a motorcycle. Some of it is for comfort which makes it great for long trips. Other gear is designed for safety and is important to avoid injuries. Having the proper gear will make or break your road trip. 

For starters, it is important to have a bluetooth motorcycle helmet so you can communicate with your travel partner easily. This avoids any miscommunication when you are forced to use hand language to let them know if you need to pull over or if you are changing the route. Leather pants and jackets are also essential as you can easily lose control of your motorcycle and end up sliding. Leather will protect you from tearing your skin up if you do fall off. Make sure to wear high boots that cover your ankles for extra protection in case of a fall, as well. 

Since you will need to pack clothes and other gear for your trip it is essential to have saddlebags for your motorcycle. 

2. Plan your route

It’s not a great idea to be spontaneous and see where the road takes you on a motorcycle. There are too many surprises that can put you in danger if you end up taking a route that is not meant for motorcycles. For instance, if you plan to ride during the fall or as the weather starts cooling down, then you will want to avoid the northern parts of the country since you can encounter rain, snow, and ice putting you in danger. 

There could also be some roads with construction happening which can be avoided with some planning ahead by researching the route. 

3. Pack well

Since space is limited on a motorcycle, it is essential to be able to pack your gear well. Look into clothes that will fold up into a small area by using thin layers instead of bulky clothes.  You should also try to find space on the motorcycle itself where you can put a small bag for things like an emergency kit such as on the handlebars or gas tank. 

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