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Have your friends told you that your car radio sing-alongs sound heavenly? Are you looking for a way to express your feelings and gain confidence?

If any of these scenarios seem familiar to you, voice lessons could be the perfect way to open up opportunities in the workforce as well as in your own personal life. Learning how your voice works in your body is a beautiful process, and having an experienced coach there with you can make a world of difference.

So if you’ve been waiting for that extra push to finally invest in yourself, here it is. These are our seven favorite benefits of taking voice lessons.

1. Building Confidence

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of vocal performance or you’ve been in the game for a while but still need a confidence boost, voice lessons could be the support you’ve been looking for.

Voice lessons build confidence in more than one way. First, they’ll help you train your voice to meet the goals you’re striving for. And beyond that, they’ll help you stay consistent and figure out your special vocal characteristics.

So if you’re not super sure about your vocal talents, don’t give up! You might find that a little extra confidence can change your entire vocal experience.

2. Voice Lessons as a Career Investment

You wouldn’t expect to be a great athlete without some excellent coaching, would you? And why should vocal careers be any different?

Raw, natural talent is a big part of vocal quality, sure—but how do you know you’re using your full potential? Vocal coaches are experienced in introducing new singers to crucial knowledge about the industry, and they can take your skills to new levels. If you want to end up using professional recording services someday, a little insight and help in the field can help you get there.

If you’re serious about a career in singing or voiceovers, you might have already thought about how much you might want to invest in a nice microphone or production software. But what better thing to invest in than your own voice?

3. Understanding the Body

A great thing about voice training is that it can help you channel power that you already have. If you’ve just about given up on super high notes or musical passages that require extreme breath control, singing lessons can give you the hope you need to pull through.

It’s completely possible that you’re capable of doing these things but just haven’t yet figured out how to do it. For example, a major part of voice training is learning how to breathe like a professional singer. You’ll learn to feel when your breath is coming from different places in your body, and this will help you achieve more while exerting less.

Voice lessons can also teach you how to attune your vocal style to the environment. Whether you need to project or almost whisper, you’ll have much more control over your range of styles after some coaching.

4. Taking Care of Your Voice

If you’re going to be using your voice often for your life and career, voice lessons can help you learn how to take proper care of your precious vocal cords.

This is great for singers, actors, radio show hosts, spoken word poets, lawyers, and motivational speakers. If the thing you love doing depends on your command over your voice, you’ll want to make sure you’re not straining it.

Although the content of voice acting will focus on singing, you’ll learn important information about using your voice effectively for any purpose.

5. Setting the Stage for a Great Hobby

You might be on the fence about voice lessons if you’re not super serious about singing as a career. But we’re here to say that singing is a beautiful part of life, whether or not it becomes your life’s goal.

Honing your vocal skills can help you express yourself in new ways, and those opportunities are priceless. Whether it’s giving you the freedom to write songs on the side or just improving your shower singing routine, learning the tips and tricks can improve your life in major ways.

6. Learning to Perform

Singing isn’t just about the quality of your voice. A lot of it also has to do with your stage presence and your ability to perform.

Voice coaches will have lots of experience working with singers in all different types of careers, and they’ll have a deep knowledge of what styles work best for each environment. Singing musical theater will be a little different from voice recording in a studio, and you can tailor your voice lessons to work on what skills you want to build.

These performing skills can also help you nail auditions and callbacks. There are tons of people out there with decent voices. It’s up to you to nurture the unique qualities of your voice and personality that will make you stand out.

7. Trying Different Styles

Voice lessons can help you enter a new style of singing or help you master songs in a new language. If you listen closely to your favorite singers, you’ll realize that they have lots of unique characteristics that make them who they are. These characteristics can help provide a nice texture to the genre each singer is in.

You can start off your vocal training journey by trying to emulate a few singers whose sound you love. And then, with the help of your vocal coach, you can expand into what your sound is going to be.

This is an exciting, transformative journey! And with the right coaching, you can enter it with confidence to reach new heights.

Now Get Out There and Sing!

…or speak, or even hum! Once you learn how to master the power of your voice, you’ll be off to a great start building a wonderful relationship with your vocal capacities.

Voice lessons can be amazing career investments, but they’re also a way to enjoy your hobbies and self-expression. When you’re born with the gift of voice, learning how to use it the way you’d like to is an incredible way to nurture that gift.

And for more tips to help you live the lifestyle you want, check out the rest of our blog!

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