5 Ways How Educational Technology Changes Essay Writing Process

Even if you are not tech-savvy, you are still aware of the impact technology has had on our society today. It has affected many aspects of our lives, including the educational sector. Technology has also changed the essay writing process. Instead of going to the library, students can access all the information and get all the help they need online. In this post, we will discuss the impact educational technology has on essay writing and how students are benefiting from it.

#1 Online Research

Educational technology has vastly affected the essay writing process. Even if they cannot access the library, students can still conduct research online from the comfort of their homes. They have access to the latest materials that were even published the same day. This is one of the benefits of education technology to essay writing.

#2 Finding help

Technology, in general, has made it possible for students to get in touch with professionals who can provide essay writing assistance. Most students pay to write essays when they have too many tasks on their hands.  And it’s easier to find the right professional online by reading reviews and asking other people you haven’t met physically, online. One can also compare the prices of these writing service providers online to get the best deal. But the focus should be on quality rather than cost.

Apart from the fact that these professionals provide quality essays that attract higher marks, students are likely to get better as they continue to receive quality papers from the writing service providers they are using.

#3 Online proofreading tool

Manual proofreading is not an easy task. And no matter how perfect you are with the English language, there is still a need for you to proofread and edit your paper before submission. In fact, your first draft may not even make much sense, but it will after proper proofreading. And even after editing manually, there might be some errors that your eyes might not be able to find out. Online proofreading tools such as Grammarly, have been helping essay writers to edit and make their papers perfect.

These online proofreading tools can help to improve the readability of the essay. Grammarly for example, also provide suggestions that can make students or essay writers improve over time. However, it is still advisable to conduct manual editing before using online software. There might be few lines you wish to change which only you can perfect manually.

#4 Easy communication

Educational technology emphasizes communication. Hence, students can easily get in touch with their teachers to ask relevant questions even after school hours. Students can also interact with their classmates to get help when writing their assignments or ask questions.

The response is usually fast unless the other person isn’t online to react immediately. Students get to interact with professionals that provide custom college essays and would greatly benefit from this type of relationship. The professional will not only help to provide quality papers but help them to become better essay writers with time.

There are myriads of online college essay writers that help students to proofread their papers. And it makes their essay writing task much easier compared to when they have to write and edit themselves.

#5 Finding recent samples

Essay writing would be much easier when students have samples they can read and acquire more knowledge. Educational technology has made this possible. In fact, students can have access to similar samples. It can also be recent.

There are also many essay writing service providers students can request samples from. For instance, Write My Paper Hub provides samples to understand, so students can read and understand how to write perfect papers.


Essay writing benefits from the introduction of educational technology into the sector. It makes the process much easier for teachers, students, and other professionals. It provides numerous opportunities for essay writers to find help online and also make use of online resources. It has made research and communication much easier. Now students can sit in their homes and communicate with their classmates or interact with other professionals that provide essay writing help with ease. It has made the process more interesting.

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