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Product packages are like onions. There are so many layers to peel to get to the core.

If you’re managing an e-commerce business, it’s essential to understand the different layers of product packaging. In this guide, we’ll cover the five main types of product packaging, their purposes, and the benefits of incorporating them into your business. 

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Exterior Packaging

Ecommerce packages generally involve one to four product packages. The exterior packaging serves as protection during transit. We have two of the most common kinds of mailers below.

1. Corrugated Mailers

Corrugated boxes account for 95% of all shipping materials. Corrugated means something that is shaped with ridges or grooves.

If you’ve ever inspected one of those kraft brown boxes from a shipment, you’ll notice the box is composed of grooved cardboard sheets stuck together. These act as padding that protect products during shipping wear and tear.

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2. Polymailers

Some e-commerce packages come in polymailers. They are a much cheaper alternative to corrugated boxes. They also end up saving you or your customer shipping dollars as they weigh significantly less.

Usually, polymailers are used when the product inside is not prone to breaking such as undergarments or towels. Or if it is rather petite. 

Polymailers are usually plastic. More companies are opting for sustainable packaging alternatives seeking polymailers made of biodegradable materials like corn and seaweed. 

Interior Packaging

Interior packaging is where things get more personalized. Brands often invest dollars in their packaging, as it is part of the unboxing experience.

Additionally, if you sell in brick-and-mortar, the interior packaging of your products is on display. It can be what gets someone interested in your brand. 

Your packaging says a lot about your brand. You can use marketing or calls to action to help consumers turn into customers. 

1. Gift Box

Gift boxes are rigid cardboard boxes that are laminated in paper and then branded for a personalized touch. They are more common in the luxury space, as sending every customer a gift box adds up quickly.

The thickness and dimensions of the boxes you use will determine the price per box. Although expensive, gift boxes can be a way to set your brand apart. Adorn them with ribbons or have your logo embossed for added luxury.

2. Polybag or Garment Bag

Other brands choose to simply protect their product in plastic bags. Similar to polymailers, a polybag is just a plastic (or plastic alternative) bag with self-sealing adhesion.

This adds a layer of protection, ensuring products are clean inside their packaging or when stored in a warehouse prior to shipment. 

3. Product Packaging

Product packaging is the final, and most important layer! If you think about toothpaste, the toothpaste tube and paper box it some in are the product packaging. The dimensions and design will be completely unique to your brand. 

Which Product Packages Are Right for You?

Ecommerce packages come in so many materials, shapes and sizes. The packaging you pick might differ from product to product. What’s important is that the branding, such as colors, materials, and messaging stays consistent on your product packages!

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