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Everyone loves a bar at home and a wonderful sofa in their living room, right? After all, that’s where we go when we had a long day at work. Also, these two things have nothing to do with the space of your house. You may have a huge villa or a small-sized apartment and you can incorporate great furniture buy checking out 3 seater sofas at urban ladder first.

Bar cabinet

Then, you can check out different ideas of having bar cabinets in your place. So, if you are someone who has a great idea of entertaining your friends and family, then you should try having a great bar at home. A home bar doesn’t need to take up much space. So unless you have a specific way of doing things, you can always find some way to squeeze the home bar idea into the best way possible. You can have it in your kitchen or dining room or you can even have a basement bar with a staircase leading to it. You can also have a large terrace with an outdoor bar and, that is a great idea too. You should know that you have the power to make it however you want and you can decide where to place the bar. Also, you have to draw some utility lines for the lighting and refrigeration purposes but other than that, it should be near to a sink.

Here Are 7 Ideas You Will Love Incorporating in Your Home:

1. Storage Is the Key!

So if you have an all-white modern bar kind, that is going to have a lot of storage. It will also have a small concealed mini refrigerator in it and that will always be in a cabinet. There can be a shelf for placing glasses. This is kind of a minimalistic counter design and it allows the stools to be stored beneath.

2. Cantilevered Bars

Bar with liquor

So, the best part of cantilevered units is they are simple and neat. They are polished to perfection and they have a recessed niche with some glass shelves too. They are set against one stone wall and to add up to this rough look, you have some bar stools that add that cottage feels.

3. Wood Bar Units

So, this is a wonderful way of having a bar and you can place this in a villa styled house setting. You will have all built-in cabinets and wooden rafters and that adds a touch of old country charm. There are a lot of wooden things everywhere and you have it on the ceiling, cabinetry, and the floor and everywhere. It looks wonderful when they are against the neat lines of a brick wall. So, you will have a warm and functional kind of bar unit.

4. Contemporary Style Bar Units

You can have a modern home but not a contemporary style bar unit? Well, this home bar is located in the middle of the open plan living area. They are very modern and completely chic style bar units. You have a wonderful design palette and that has white, beechwood and some bar chairs that are lightweight and do not take much labor to move them around.

5. Under the Stairs Bar Unit

This is the most fun bar unit! You can have a small wet bar that is perfectly nestled under a slant of a staircase. It is an ultimate space saver bar and it is also a tiny set in window type bar. It can open up space to the outside where the profusion of the plants can add some natural touch to the bar. A lovely idea!

6. High-Class Designer Bar

If you love all things designer, then why not a bar? Well, the designer bar ranks very high on the glamor and if you love a glamorous bar, then you can go for this. This is a dark-colored horizontal unit that is cleverly put up on crossed legs and the floor-to-ceiling mirrors that are behind adding to the atmosphere. You will have a row of pendant lights that are above the perfect finishing touches to the stylish bar.

7. Mediterranean Style Bar Unit

When you have the Mediterranean villa houses, they have the perfect sized bar in a special niche and template. The arched ceiling is complimented with the arched doorway and then the wall recesses do show some of the classic statuettes in the marble. So this is one of the most gorgeous spots for you to sit down and drink!


Bar unit

Thus, these are the different ideas of having a stylish bar at home and they are quite creative. Not only are they creative but also they are very functional. So, you can work with all the elements that are available and then you can bring in some interior design style that you are incorporating in the home. You have this plan where you can utilize the space as much as you can. Cheers!

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