Difference between creativity and insanity Difference between creativity and insanity

Is there a Line of Difference Between Insanity and Creativity?

I thought to paint a man’s face… This is creative!
I thought to paint a man’s face without a nose… This is insane, isn’t it?

Every complexity which simply relates to any nook and corner of the human brain is essentially an embodiment of the wide expanse of thoughts it can manifest and nurture to an extent that turns it into another question to be faced by the psychologists (only people concerned?) who will then execute a series of researches not necessarily in the nature of experiments but at least until they reach to a reasonable conclusion as to the behavior of human brain in response to such a thought-provoking question!

Isn’t it crazy or insane that I could pen down an 88 – word long sentence in one go as a possible answer to such a question… okay. I don’t want to this one to be longer. 😛

Before I thought to pen down my thoughts, I just turned my creative side up and asked the same question to as many people as possible the same question to once again introduce myself to the variety of thoughts a human brain can have despite having a common functional structure. However, I could reasonably conclude that insanity is integral to creativity though there were outlying opinions also. People, I want to ask you all to focus on a fundamental fact that a definite line of difference does exist between creativity and insanity but the incredible potential of the human brain also gives us the power to blur and subsequently erase it.

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More than two millennia ago Aristotle said no great genius has ever existed without a touch of madness. His teacher, Plato had discussed madness extensively and divided it into different types; mainly clinical insanity and creative insanity – the divine one which inspires seers and poets. Today, we still hear that genius borders on insanity and that every great human has a spark of madness.

Insanity is commonly understood and used in a negative manner. Clinically, it refers to abnormal mentality and behavior which can also turn out to be dangerous for self and society. Informally, insanity is also used to denote something highly unique and passionate in a positive way. And, of course, one must have heard someone or the other shouting out loud, “Are you insane?” to discredit or criticize particular ideas, beliefs, principles, desires, personal feelings, attitudes, or their proponents, such as in politics and religion.

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“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye”

Creativity is a balanced blend of imagination, inventiveness and innovation. It is significantly a positive approach of the human brain by fostering the power of making something. What usually is seen as creative is art. However, creativity is omnipotent and perpetual. With every passing second, we create breaths and thoughts. God created man and man developed the world. Every single invention and discovery is plainly an example of mankind’s creativity. Every individual is creative in his/her own way. It is our creative perception of the world which can turn our imaginations into reality.

The world has always been in awe of people who with their creativity have turned their imaginations into reality thereby inspiring the whole world to perceive as they did.

Technically, insanity and creativity apparently seem to go in completely opposite directions. But, isn’t insanity a way of bringing out our passion for something? A passionate being can turn nights into days to work for something tirelessly to achieve his goals, to materialize his dreams and to realize his power of creativity. Is it insanity? In a way, yes, but it does make sense, positive sense leaving aside its health hazards because nothing is healthier than the sense of achievement.


Think about the scientists toiling days and nights to find a breakthrough in medicine! Think about the students working seamlessly to bring out their best projects! Think about the executives working harder and harder to achieve their targets! Think about the farmers doing so much of hard work to get the best crops for us every year!

Folks, if this is not insane, then what else is left to be categorized as insane barring the negativity which the word carries along with itself. Madness and craziness are very good substitutes for insanity with milder negativity attached to them but this does not point to the fact that insanity in itself is harmful.

The thing is that throughout the ages, the words ‘crazy’, ‘insane’, and ‘mad’ have had different connotations and were used in various contexts. They have come to include the mentally diseased, the genius, the wild and passionately enthusiastic, as well as anyone different who isn’t understood and is considered “not normal” compared to the average standard of normality.

Even though being mentally different entails lots of ups and downs, but those mad geniuses just have a different reality because possibly their minds are wired differently. Their thinking pattern is at a different level and their brain connections may not match the average level. Oftentimes, the irregularity is diagnosed as an illness. Subsequently, they are labeled insane by the majority who get to form all concepts, sanity included.

However, one man’s normal is nothing but another man’s crazy and vice versa; to each his own, for reality is relative and not absolute. As always, “those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” A reason why it is said that there is a mighty fine line between the realities of both genius and crazy. And sometimes, differentiating between where does one end and the other start leaves us with nothing but a quagmire of uncertainty.


In this era of artificial intelligence when we indirectly or directly have become addictive and vulnerable to technology and its marvels, it has become all the more relevant. To simply put it, activate your apple device and then ask for Siri. Then, ask Siri to sing a song for you. Watch out for her reactions, actions and the out-of-the-world song she would sing for you. On the other hand, ask a singer, a really passionate singer to hum a few lines for you. Did you notice the difference? I rest my case!

Isn’t the thing which differentiates you from others the most precious thing you own and value? Aren’t you really passionate about it? Aren’t you ready to work insanely for it? Doesn’t your brain and heart become extremely creative for such things? Connect the dots!

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History has gifted us the geniuses of all times such as Einstein, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Tesla, Galileo, Nostradamus and Mark Twain. A special reference to John Nash whose story was popularized by the award-winning film “A Beautiful Mind”. He was a brilliant mathematician who had contributed a whole lot to science even though he was struggling with paranoid schizophrenia and used to experience frequent hallucinations and delusions. All these were creatively eccentric!

Insanity is a power! Insanity is a gift! It is just we need to channelize our energy till we come out with something really beneficial for our human race.
You can create a niche for yourself once and only you become insane for it!

If creativity is a rainbow, insanity adds colors to it.

Embrace your insanity… Keep believing.

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