It is estimated that 75% of Americans don’t drink enough water each day.

Without drinking enough water you can become dehydrated, you may see changes in your body or even feel sick.

Not only is it good to be able to identify dehydration for yourself, but it can also help you keep others safe as well.

Continue reading to discover the effects of dehydration and heart rate fluctuations when you aren’t getting enough water.

Lack of Water Leads to Dehydration and Heart Rate Suffers

When a person doesn’t consume enough water they run the risk of becoming dehydrated.

A person who is suffering from dehydration may deal with a number of symptoms, one of the most prominent being a change in energy levels. Dr. Jay Davidson from Microbe Formulas explains that general energy levels in the body are reduced as a result of dehydration because it decreases the healthy functional actions of cellular mitochondria.

With a decrease in energy from being dehydrated, you may also notice the effects it has on your heart. If you notice dehydration and heart rate increasing in speed, you should find help and sit down.

A lack of water puts a strain on a person’s heart and they typically have a faster heart rate, and their blood is not properly circulating through the body.

Hydration Helps Your Skin

Have you ever noticed that your skin tends to be drier when you aren’t drinking enough water?

Flaky, dry, cracked, and dull skin are all signs that you are becoming dehydrated, taking a couple of extra sips of water can get you back on track to healthy and glowing skin.

Water is also helpful for trying to keep wrinkles and aging skin to stay away. Water helps regulate the immune system as well, meaning that eczema and other skin conditions may not be as red or severe with water trying to rid your body of foreign elements.

Improves Digestion

Another benefit of drinking water is that you will likely see an improvement with digestion.

Dehydration slows down the digestion process, making it difficult to rid the body of toxins because it wants to hold onto as many fluids as possible. Water is needed for your body to process waste, through sweating, urinating, and bowel movements, so it is crucial that you maintain your hydration.

Heartburn and ulcers are also more likely to occur if you are not drinking enough water because the acid levels in your body are elevated.

Take an Extra Sip

More than two-thirds of the human body is made up of water, one might think we already have enough, but it constantly needs to be replenished.

Dehydration and heart rate increases are a sign that you need to drink more water and avoid salty foods that dehydrate you even more. Just remember, if you are doing physical activities in the sun you may need to take an extra sip to stay hydrated.

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