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With the proper equipment, a deep sea diver can go about 130 feet below the surface of the water.

If you’re interested in trying either deep sea diving or snorkeling, there are a few things you should know about which sport to choose.

Thankfully, we break them both down here, so make sure you keep reading!

Deep Sea Diving

In order for someone to go deep sea diving, you’ll need special training. You’ll have to work with professionals in order to get a certification.

They’ll train you in how to use all the equipment in order to go to deeper depths than you normally would’ve gone.


With snorkeling, you don’t need a certification, and it’s a little easier for anyone to do.

You can still explore the oceans, but you’ll do it from the surface of the water rather than going deep into the water. You’ll have a breathing tube that sticks above the water, and you won’t need all the special equipment.


There are a few differences between the two sports. How deep you go into the water is the main difference.


Snorkelers can sometimes go down a few feet into the water, but they immediately have to come back up for air. With a deep sea diver, they have a tank of air that will let them dive down below the surface for extended periods of time.

However, another of the main differences is the amount of gear that you take with you.


When you go snorkeling, you only need a few main things. You might need a wetsuit or drysuit, but plenty of people go snorkeling in their regular bathing suit as well.

In addition to a suit, you’ll need a snorkel, mask, and some fins to help propel you through the water. The snorkel attaches to your mask which sticks out into the water which will let you breathe.

However, if you’re going to scuba diving, you’ll need some more equipment.

You’ll need a wetsuit, a scuba tank, regulators, weights, a buoyancy compensator, and some fins, like Neptonics freediving fins.

A buoyancy compensator is just a jacket that you put on over your wet suit. You can fill it with air when you need to float back up to the surface.

All of these will ensure that you can go deeper under the water to explore, but you’ll also be able to do it safely.

Learn More About the Differences Between Deep Sea Diving and Snorkeling

These are only a few of the differences between deep sea diving and snorkeling, but there are many more things to be aware of.

We know that choosing between the two can seem difficult, but if you’re still not sure about which to choose, make sure that you reach out to an expert for help!

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