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Well, now this is some great news for Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans

A film based on Cristiano Ronaldo’s life is coming for the fans to know from what he was to what he is on 9th November. According to the trailer, Cristiano’s mother sent him to Lisbon when he was 12 years old which would be difficult for a family to accept at that point of time.

Ronaldo played for Manchester United earlier and became famous, gained fans from there only. At that time if you’d have asked anyone about who’s their favorite football player, the answer would be simply – Ronaldo. When Lionel Messi joined Barcelona, his magic was praised by everyone and for that reason, people compared him with Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi was successful in a less period of time considering the struggle of Ronaldo at the point of time. He told that it’s sad when he realizes that his father couldn’t see the success but he’s sure that his father must be watching him from the sky above.

There should be no comparison between both of them as they are great in serving their countries and clubs. Ronaldo was seen at his best when he played for Manchester United. He Scored brilliant free kicks & goals as well. People criticize by regarding him as ‘Penaldo’ & ‘Tapinaldo’. The lines said by him were



Don’t miss this movie and the trailer which begins next

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