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Did you know that low self-esteem can negatively affect your work life? It’s tough to hear. Knowing that your low self-esteem can drive you further into distress might make you more anxious, but let’s try to make you more motivated to fix it instead.

But what are the causes of low self-esteem? You need to know what’s triggering the problem before you’re able to get rid of it, right?

We want to help. Keep reading to learn how to love yourself by learning why you might feel so low in the first place.

1. Comparison Kills

It’s become easier than ever to get trapped in the cycle of comparison. With the rise of social media, we’re so exposed to people who seem to be living their best lives. When you see these happy posts with posed pictures, huge accomplishments, and fashionable outfits, it’s easy to feel inadequate.

When you compare yourself to others, you’re doing yourself harm. You need to remember that social media usually only shows the highlights. People share what they want others to see. In reality, most of us are more self-conscious than we pretend to be.

You have to love yourself as an individual, not as a competitor.

2. Poor Boundaries

Do you know how to set and enforce boundaries in your life?

If not, you’re not alone. Many people are becoming more aware of boundaries now well into their adulthood.

Boundaries are how we protect ourselves and teach other people how to interact with us. You get to tell people how you want to be treated and determine potential outcomes for when those boundaries are crossed.

Poor boundaries lead to people-pleasing and an overall lack of self-worth. You’re allowed to do things for yourself; you don’t need to bend to the will of others.

3. A Lack of Self-Forgiveness

Some of us hold higher standards for ourselves than we do for others. Even when we wouldn’t judge someone else for their perceived failures, we continue to judge ourselves. Why is that?

People with poor self-esteem are often former go-getters or people who were pressured to be perfect all the time, either by others or through their successes.

One of the best self-love tips is to try to imagine yourself as your best friend. If your best friend was doing what you were doing, would you hold it against them or give them grace?

4. The Way We’re Raised

Unfortunately, sometimes the families that we’re raised in can have a negative impact on our adult self-esteem.

Most parents do the best they can, but some parenting styles aren’t conducive to healthy self-esteem and high self-worth. Parents who are either overly permissive or critical can lead to children who struggle with the self-esteem balance.

Do These Causes of Low Self-Esteem Seem Familiar?

If you recognize any of these causes of low self-esteem in your life, try to make some changes. It might seem simplistic to say that you need to learn how to love yourself, but it’s true.

A good therapist can help you start working through the struggle. You can also start partaking in more self-love practices, like offering yourself forgiveness and giving yourself days off in a relaxing space.

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