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All new parents worry about making their homes childproof and child-friendly. Whether you just had a baby, you are adopting a toddler, or temporarily caring for a loved one, there are some changes you’ll need to make to have a safe environment for the child. 

An unsafe home is dangerous for a child. They can slip and fall, hit their head on a sharp corner of the furniture, choke on items, and more. This is why parents take time out of their daily schedule to make their homes as safe as possible.

Fortunately, making your homework child friendly can be a simple task. If you are wondering what steps you should take to create a safe and kid-friendly home, this short and simple guide is for you.

Make Safety a Priority 

The first tip for creating a more child-friendly home is making safety a priority. Smart parents know that childproofing your home doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or a long-drawn-out process. Focus on things like choosing rounded corners for furniture, incorporating railings and gates, and creating an environment that reduces falls. 

Install Dual Purpose Furniture 

The second tip for a smart homeowner is to install dual-purpose furniture. 

As your kids play throughout the house, they leave their toys and other items behind. You can pick them up and store them in the compartments and drawers of your furniture. Dual-purpose furniture is great for maximizing your space, cleaning up quickly, storing toys, and more.

Use Area Rugs 

Another thing to do is to use area rugs in your space. Area rugs can be cleaned quickly, they are no-slip, and they can be moved around to accommodate a child playing on the floor. You can also make the kitchen area and bathrooms much less slippery by putting down sticky mats.

Choose Durable Materials 

An important thing to do to make your home as safe as possible is to choose durable materials. Your five-year-old may be a smart kid that is precocious and curious, but they can damage your home as well. Choose scrubbable paint, thick fabrics, two-toned carpet, and more. 

Get Playful with Color 

Whether you’re designing a backyard playground or their dream bedroom, consider getting playful with color. Think of using things like whimsical wallpaper, lively couches, creative statement walls, and more. Along with color, choose shapes and patterns to brighten the space.

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Turn Your Home into a Child Friendly Haven 

Turning your home into a child-friendly space doesn’t have to be expensive.

With a few cans of paint, some area rugs, sticky mats, and creative thinking, you can make your home childproof and child friendly. Include your kids in the process and let them have input into what changes you will make to your home. Not only is this fun, but it also will let their personality shine in your design.

Make these changes and your child will be safe while loving their home. 

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